Planter Boxes

Our lackluster garage needed some sprucing up, in my opinion.  It's one of the first things you see if you're pulling up from the North side of the street and I thought if I have to look at this everyday, there's no shame in making it look attractive.

Again, with Travis helping me along, I made these wooden planter boxes out of wood we had in our garage.  I only needed to buy some wood to finish the top edges and some of the bottom edges.  With some holes in the bottom for drainage, one coat of primer, two coats of paint, and some plastic stapled inside for a lining, they were ready to set out.
I bought some $4 arborvidae in Bend last weekend and will plant some more "spillers and fillers" when I get the funds next month.  (I watch HGTV every morning at 5:30 while running on the treadmill at the gym.  There's mostly landscaping shows on at that time and one of the landscapers said the key to great planters is having three things: thrillers, fillers and spillers).  I also plan to add some mulch when I'm done planting.

What do you think?  I think it makes the garage look a little more pulled-together and friendly.  I hope I don't get tired of pulling the hose all the way over there to water them!


Split Second Sweetness

This happened about ten minutes ago, after a lunch of smoothies, crackers, turkey and cheese.
Finn asked Henry to say, "Toosh-ie," and then Henry said, "Too-ey," and then everybody cheered. 
Of course I had to have them recreate the moment so I could get it on camera, but here's my effort to capture the sweeter moments of motherhood, which seem to be few and far between; but, oh so sweet, nonetheless.


Friday Creations

I have an odd configuration in my living room in that the large window isn't centered on the furniture grouping.  I've tried several different furniture configurations and still can't get anything that centers on the window to feel right.  So, I tried to play a trick on the eye and "extend" the window to center on the grouping by hanging some white-based artwork on the wall that mimics that shape of the window.  I'm still not sure how well it's working, but I think it's doing something because I like it better than before.

At any rate, I just reused some frames I had and made little designs out of crepe paper and tags.  It was fun.  I could do a whole wall of beige, cream and white framed pictures.  I love collections together and I love those colors, so it would be neat to see.  Maybe another day...


First Day on "the Job"

Today, the first day of Summer break, didn't go so well.  Finn, irritable and antsy, spent at least an hour this morning following me around, begging me to let him invite a friend over (the same one he had over last night), and then pestered his siblings most of the day.

There was lots of fighting and "he did, she did" and people getting hurt (the last one I'm used to).  Finally, I abandoned my mantra that "it's not my job to entertain them," and offered the idea that they could sell baked goods to the neighbors (what child doesn't love to sell something?!)  So they jumped on that idea and I spent the morning making homemade Ghiradelli brownies (this is a great recipe!) and chocolate chip cookies, while they kept occupied making price labels on bags.  Finn even had me make a list of the ingredients to show his customers in case someone had allergies.

This didn't help my resolve to eat better, as I simply had to sample all the things I was making, but at least it gave them something to do.  And, they came home with several dollar bills each, which they liked.

So, back to the mostly-crummy day.  I guess it's not necessarily the actual happenings in the day, but the nagging reminder in the back of my mind through all of this that this is what it's going to be like for the next three months!  Me to myself: "I have to do this over and over again until September 4th!"  Not a good feeling.  And maybe not a good attitude either.  I wish I was the kind of mom that relished summers with her children and spent every waking moment blissfully working on productive things with her children (I'm thinking sewing, reading, cleaning, writing).  It's not that I hate Summers, it's just this adjustment phase of getting used to the "Summer routine" is not fun.  I'm sure I'll get my bearings and in a few weeks time I'll be okay.  But, for now, I'm throwing a pity party for myself.  That, and planning what we'll do tomorrow to get through......


Random Photos of Late

Monopoly with the six and under set?  Not really advised by me, but comical, sometimes frustrating, nonetheless.
This little duckie fresh out of the bath is purely edible.
A bouquet from my yard a few weeks ago.  I am glad the previous owners had the sense to keep up pretty flowers because I'm pretty sure I would have hacked them all down.  (Not that I don't like flowers, just that I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to growing flowers).
An impromptu visit from the cousins and their moms and grandma for the day after my birthday.  My mom ordered the Mexican group special: enough beans, rice, enchiladas, tacos, chips, salsa and other things I can't remember, for everyone (including Travis, who got home after the party had shut down and the cousins had sadly left!)
All the boy cousins in their bathing glory.
Lucy's bike wreck left her pretty scruffed up.  Thankfully a week and half has passed and now she's virtually scab-free.

And this threesome likes to don dresses.  Tonight they even had a little "Henrietta" decked out in her fanciest garb, trailing behind them in their merriment.  You know it's getting pretty loud and crazy when even the boys want to wear dresses! 
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