Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

And that's why I haven't quit posting the babe pictures. I just can't get enough.


7-Month-Old Bug O' Mine

This is my date and me, fuzzy, before we headed out to the Class of 2011 Senior Dinner. My newly-highlighted hair was a mop for the sweat of my forehead from an afternoon of cleaning and cooking in this humid house. I refrained from washing my meal down with a cold one (so many choices at the open bar!), but drank plenty of bottled water. I slept good that night, stickiness and all.


Can't Get Enough Of This

Update on "project John Day": We found a house to rent month-to-month until we can find a place to buy. I was hoping to find a place we could just plant ourselves in upon moving, but this was the best option given our current situation. On the other hand, I kind of like this open-ended-ness. If we buy a fixer-upper, I could work some magic on it and really make it my own. If we found a home requiring less elbow grease, we could make small changes that have a big impact. It has me thinking of my ideal home. I've started a list of things I want, not necessarily practical, unattainable or glamourous:
  • sink disposal
  • kitchen without a major traffic flow running through it
  • large yard
  • eat-in kitchen and formal dining room
  • 2 bathrooms
Those were the big things, and I'm sure I'll think of more as the days go on. What would you like in your "ideal home"?


Images from a Weekend

Spring Break is officially over. Like most weeks, it has worn me out. Despite the little traces of remaining snow, I can feel Spring is near. Thank goodness!

This week I will go find a place to call home in our new town. I'm afraid I won't find anything I like. I'm afraid I won't find anything we can afford. I'm afraid of the unknown, basically.

There's only so much thinking about the future one can do until she reaches a point she just has to "jump!" and experience it. I'm ready to jump.