First Attempt at Kitchen Valances: Not So Hot

I wanted to soften the look and dampen the sound in the kitchen, so I made these valances.  Honestly, I'm still not sure if I love them, so I wanted to post them and see what you blog-readers had to say.
The pictures don't show it very well, but the walls are grey and the valances are a beige linen.  They don't look very contrast-y in the photos, but they are more-so in real life.

This one isn't a great picture (above) but it gives you the idea.

 What do you think?  Thumbs up, down, sideways?

New Kitchen Color + Four-Eyed Henry

This is the third time I've painted my kitchen and I think I've finally found a keeper.  First I had the beige color that is throughout the rest of the house.  That didn't go with the cabinets.  So I tried a darker beige that looked too pink.  This time I chose a greyish-beige and I think it works well.  It makes the cabinets pop and lends coolness in contrast with the warmth of the wood cabinets and floor.
And here is my little four-eyed busy-body.  After trying on his dad's glasses, he ended up breaking them.  That's the name of his current favorite game: get into anything and everything, especially the fragile stuff.




It's that time of year again...check out the shop for what I've been working on, plus a darling quilt made by my sister Whitney.

Halloween 2012 a la Spooky Schullers


Once again my kids manage to dress up for Halloween looking mostly like they do on an average day (minus the facepaint).  Good times, good times.