Happy Halloween!
This is what we were doing last year this time. Stay tuned for the exciting costumes of this year....tomorrow!


Worst Parent of the Year Award
So lately I've been ignoring that "inner voice" that tells me to do things I know I should. It's not like I want to do things that are stupid, or that I like ignoring wisdom, but I just think to myself, "Great idea and I'll do it later."
Well, later is not better. Especially when the voice told me as I was rushing into my house to use the bathroom, to move the big mirror leaning up against the back storm door. I came inside, went about my business, and then didn't think about it until I hear Finn scream and I rush out to see blood gushing from his foot, staining his shoe and sock. I was in tears, feeling so bad for not moving this stupid mirror. The mirror was broken and had pierced his foot, bruising it with the fall. Poor little guy. Travis was home early today (thank my lucky stars), so he told me what to do. I was still hysterical and dumbfounded at how stupid I can be sometimes. The cut wasn't as bad as it looked and now Finn is bandaged and betadined and has lived to tell about it. What does it take for one to finally get the point? Sorry Finn!



This picture (above) is from DesignSponge and I was inspired by it to make my headboard (below).
I still need to dress up the bed with some pillows and put a cool painting or some pictures above the bed, but at least the headboard is done!
Sidenote: it only cost about $10 to make too!


Christmas in October
I had been waiting all week for this "50 Years of Stuff" yard sale. I knew in my bones that it was going to be good. I found the jackpot!
I got this library cart that I'm going to use as Travis' bookshelf in his study. It just needs some sanding and possibly some painting, then distressing, of course, to make it look old again.
Other finds: an old toolbox (for a Spring planter: wouldn't it look great with pansies growing in it?), a great red purse and some vintage tableclothes (I'm always on the look-out for those).

Then, an old truck depot for Finn. I was going to give it to him for the real Christmas day, but I couldn't wait that long!
Some picture frames that I'm probably going to put mirrors in to hang above my mantle.

I got two old train sets for $3 a piece!
These were just what I was looking for. I needed more lighting above my mantle and these were $1 a piece!
Old lampshades. Although I think they're pretty enough to just show on their own, I have some lamps that I think these will look perfect with.
This is the loot.
A close-up of the old tool-box. I could also use to put my craft/sewing stuff in.
I love good deals on old cool stuff. I'll post pictures with what I do with my treasures. If you have other ideas for other uses for these things, please let me know. I love unconventional decor!


Projects as of Late
I hung the silhouettes. Danyelle, you were right; they need to be hung in a place they can be admired. I thought they fit well above the couch.
Then, the endless search for metal letters has finally ended. I found these metal letter paperclips at JoAnn's. Now I know which towel has my own germs on it!
Stay tuned for my headboard project (to be finished tonight)!


Happy Birthdays to Sutton and Sergio!

It just so happens that the two newest members to the Fox family were born on the same day (only one year apart)!
So, Sutton. She is sweet as can be and ever since I heard that Ben was dating a girl named Sutton, I loved her name. She likes to play with my kids, which is an instant 10 on a mom's approval rating. Sutton joined the Polar Plunge Club in 2006, meaning she jumped into the frigid waters of the Columbia River in nothing but her swimsuit. What a champ! Sutton, I hope your birthday is fun and that Ben treats you right today. Happy Birthday!

And Sergio. What isn't there to like about Uncle Serg? I have known him for several years and he is always energetic, positive, and fun to be around. Never a dull moment with Serg. He is fit and works out alot. He is very hospitable and kind. When we ate dinner at their house during the Summer, he was very gracious and made sure we had plenty to eat and drink. And, let's not forget his guitar-playing skills, which are, in a word, awesome. Serg, I hope you have a great day! We're glad you're part of our family!


Country Mice

Us "city mice" played country mice today out at Lake Farm Park in Kirtland, OH. Finn's preschool group went.
We learned how they made cider in days of yore with a press. Did you know it takes about 150 apples to make a gallon of apple cider?
Lucy preferred eating graham crackers and being held by her mama.
Oh, and trying to eat the camera.


Today is Not "the Greatest Day I've Ever Known"

For some reason, today is drab. Actually, no, I think I know why. For one thing, it's raining. I didn't go on my walk this morning. I went Visiting Teaching and that was practically like policing my kids and keeping them out of other people's decorations. For three hours. I am homesick. They're predicting snow for next week. I feel like a single parent.
So, what do you do on days like this? You eat toast.
Toast is a treat. Any kind of bread toasted is delicious. I toasted some slices of sourdough that I bought at the West Side Market on Saturday. Dipped in spaghetti sauce is even more of a treat. I made some roasted plum tomato sauce on Sunday and that is what I dipped my toast in today.
That helped a little. I also decided that in order to make it through the next four years, I am going to have a project going at all times. I think if I do that, I will be okay.
And, if I keep eating toast. There is light at the end of this tunnel.


Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

A big Happy Birthday wish goes to my neighbor and friend, Stephanie! She is always there when I need to borrow an egg or let my kids play while I get stuff done. She has been a big help getting me adjusted to life here in Cleveland. I only wish she were going to live by me a little longer (she is moving next month into her brand new home...how lucky!). I hope she has a great day and enjoys whatever surprises come her way!



Lucy has pink cheeks and doesn't feel good. I could tell after she threw up all one and a half containers of bananas I fed her, all over the living room rug and herself. I think she's teething. She didn't go to sleep until about 2 this morning and has been fussy.

That's not the worst part of our night.

Finn kept getting out of his crib when we put him in bed last night. So, I put him in his "big boy bed" (read: twin bed) and I laid with him, put him back in his bed, talked to him, put him back in his bed and tried everything to get him to go to sleep. I got frustrated. I handed this duty over to Travis. I went to bed. I slept intermittently between feeding Lucy and listening to Finn kicking his headboard and making sounds. I think the last I heard of Finn was at 11:30 PM when he must have just given up and sacked out for the night.

Meanwhile, Lucy played in her port-a-crib, cried, played, ate, cried and so forth. This carried on until, like I said, 2 AM, when her head finally hit the pillow. And although she fell asleep, she kept waking up crying, wanting to eat.

That is why we were ten minutes late for church today.

That is why I am not looking forward to bedtime tonight.

That is why I want this week to happen in the twinkling of an eye (I am not looking forward to getting Finn to stay in his bed).

That is why I will be especially grateful tonight if I can get the kids to go to sleep and I can spend some time alone.

I miss my mommy!


Friday's Project
I know, I know, you're all thinking, that's so unoriginal, just look over at NieNie's blog, she stole the idea. And, yes, I was inspired by Stephanie. Who wouldn't love those old-fashioned silhouettes? Plus, they go so well with these...
...that I already have. I just can't decide where to hang our family's silhouettes. In my bedroom? In the living room above the couch?
Any suggestions folks?


How much it cost my mom to ship a hallway rug to Cleveland: $24.30.
Individuals added to the Antes line in my dad's family history from recent research by Salt Lake family history firm: 162.
Poopy diapers I've changed today: 3.
Times I got up with children two nights ago: 3.
Miles I've run since buying new running shoes on September 27th: 34 (doesn't include miles walked since then).
How much it cost to buy a bunch of dried corn stalks at Zagara's Market yesterday: $5.99.
Days until Halloween: 13.
Time until I watch The Office tonight: 5 hours, 41 minutes.
Are there any significant numbers that you have to share?


For the Grandmas
Finn's preschool art project today.

Project Central
Yesterday I expanded my kitchen pantry cupboard's storage capacity by about 30%. I gave my shelves extensions. Yes, extensions. I cut some boards and notched them to fit. Then, after a mini-meltdown and Travis' help, we got them in alright. It always takes longer than you think to finish the "little projects"...
And, I got most of the stubborn paint off of the fireplace bricks after alot of scrubbing and rubbing. There's still some paint there, but it's not half as bad as before. I think I will just dab some brick-colored paint on and see if that does the trick.
If you could have anything for lunch, what would it be?


On My Mind
In answer to a few of the comments you've made on my blog in the past few days:
Jen: Unique Thrift (the best thrift store I've found in Cleveland so far) is on Northridge by Aldi and Sally Beauty Supply. Go there and conquer! It's awesome. Mondays are 1/2 price, which I already mentioned.
Suzy: I do too have alot of weaknesses! I hate reading blogs that are always peachy. I like to read ones that are honest and talk about the unpleasantries as well as the ideal. I think I have a weakness of trying to hide my "inner self" too much. I'm not very good at opening up to people. It makes me too vulnerable. I want to be more open and honest. Sometimes I don't want to sound whiny or needy, so I don't post things that people will give sympathy comments for. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will try to be more open, because if I do, there will be a goldmine of imperfections!
Janelle: In response to your wonderful suggestion to inform my readers about treelawns (now that I think about it, I think I already did say what they were). But, for those who missed it, treelawns are the space between the sidewalk and the road. If you see something on the treelawn, you can pick it up and haul it off. If nobody takes what's on a treelawn, the garbage collector takes it on garbage day. Wonderful concept, I think!
Sara: No, the vintage United Airlines china did not come with vintage prices! That was very funny and clever. Have you ever thought about writing for a sitcom? I loved your talk on Sunday, BTW. Very good job.
Tiffani: No, that wasn't a cast, it was Lucy's foot. I'm sure you figured that anyways, but I thought that was a funny comment too. My mom chastised me for not changing Lucy's clothes when I saw that hole.
I love reading comments and you have left me some good ones lately. Here's to more comments and lots of good Fall food! (I don't know why, but I just want to eat alot lately!)


Kids and their Clothes
Unique Thrift Store has 50% off Mondays and we hit the jackpot. We went with a mission to find L and F's winter wardrobe. And, we actually found what we were looking for. Finn got a monster truck and some hardly-worn Osh Kosh shoes for $1.
Vintage airline meal trays.......for dish soap holders.
Vintage children's pajamas (there's even snaps around the waistline!)
A whole stack of gently used clothes for $15 bucks.
And, we got a Halloween package from Papa and Nana Schuller. Thanks! The kids loved opening the gifts.


Sunday Scenes

I just changed Lucy's diaper two minutes ago and I saw something orange in it and said, "Good job, Lucy, you ate a sizeable piece of carrot!" Then, noticing this thing had perfect nobs on it, I realized it was an earplug. Lucy managed to eat and pass an earplug without choking to death and tearing something. Guardian angels are watching over that child!


I Can Explain...
...why my kitchen counter (along with every other surface in my house) is covered in groceries and all sorts of stuff.
I'm too tired to deal with it all right now. We got back from Columbus last night at 1 AM. Travis and I went to see Smashing Pumpkins at an outdoor events center. They were great. I can see why Travis has seen them three times now. Billy Corgan said he wasn't married and that maybe he needed to find himself and Ohio woman. I thought that was funny. And it was interesting/sad to see the college-aged crowd doing their thing (involved smoking, drugs and alcohol). So glad I'm not in that scene and that I kind of skipped that whole thing going to the most sober school in the country. I really enjoyed getting away for several hours and getting to spend time with Travis, uninterrupted with crying and diaper changes. Thanks to the Gowans and Koffords for watching the bunch while we were away!
And now: The Time is 1:45 PM and what are we doing?

Lucy is tooting and crawling around with her diaper hanging out.

Finn is drinking chocolate soy milk and watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

I am eating a late breakfast of yogurt, GoLean Crunch and raspberries, and trying to read some blogs.

Have a great Friday, ya'll!


And Here's Some Stuff I've Found Lately...

Paid $7 for a $31 value lamp at Target last night.
Paid zero dollars for this Ikea bed (worth $200 new) that I found on a treelawn. For those who aren't familiar with treelawns, they're the area between the sidewalk and the street. Anyone can put they're unwanted items there and if no one picks them up before garbage day, the garbage men pick them up. I was so excited as I'd been looking for a headboard for Finn's bed. Nothing new here, but I did hang Emily's painting above the changing table this week. I love how the blue in the changing pad is echoed in the painting.
Found this lamp at a thrift store yesterday for $3. I don't really like the shade with it, but it was the only one I had that fit the lamp.
Now I need to find some mirrors to hang alongside my TV. I think they would reflect the light from the sunroom and give this dark room alot more light. Has anyone found any good deals on mirrors lately?