How Finn Fell Asleep Last Night
Sometimes you're so tuckered out all you can do is drop dead in place.
Why does Finn always behave so when it's Travis' night for tucking the kids in?


Celebrating Lucy

To eat: red velvet and vanilla cupcakes and ice cream.
She wanted to eat the flame on the candle.

Jack and Finn helped her blow out the candle.
Special day.


A Year Ago Today
A beautiful baby girl was born to Travis and me at 2:05 AM.

She is full of laughter, joy, innocence and smiles.

She has grown in what seems like the twinkling of an eye in a whirlwind year.

This morning I sat and watched my little baby, grown up enough to eat breakfast cereal off her highchair tray, and wimper when Finn comes near, and enjoy reading stories with her Mommy.

Happy Birthday Lucy!

I love you!


Seeing Red
I don't have alot of red things in my house, but lately the red things have been popping out at me. I guess I'm thinking of a certain holiday in February coming up.

{This red valentine is handmade by Emily Fox. I love it.}




A Military Committal
These are pictures from the committal for my great uncle Dale Fox in Harrisburg, PA.
He served honorably in World War II.
Here is my dad's cousin's wife, my Dad, my dad's cousin and my dad's aunt.
I cried as the soldier gave this sweet little widow, a wife of 63 years, a flag honoring her husband's service to our country.
I think about my great aunt and the loving relationship she had with her husband. I can't imagine how much she misses him.
I also think about Him who took away the sting of death.
How blessed we are!


Fresh Ideas, Good for Your Tastebuds
My friend Janelle invited me to post on her blog, The Kitchen Counter. Because she likes to cook and entertain, we get along great. I plan on posting my favorite recipes from time to time (as time with two kids permits) and hope that you'll add it to your Favorites bar. So, if you're curious what I ate for breakfast this morning, go here.
Happy Thursday!
P.S. I feel much better. It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for a gal!


And I Love Her
How dare a week go by and I not post about this cute little bag I got in the mail! It came straight from Miss Creativity herself with a little surprise inside: four cute refridgerator magnets. I have to say, I don't keep magnets or papers on my fridge, but this made me break my rule! They are so great. Thanks.
P.S. Not to make anyone feel sorry for me, but I'm sick, along with Mr. Schuller and my dad. How dare that nasty bug come back into this house! I've lost my cookies twice today and I'm determined to keep my toast and green beans down tonight!


As of Late

The kid's room has new pictures.
My bedroom has a new rug (that was half off, then another 40% off!)
Travis' Scouts made Pinewood Derby cars.
Katie made Finn a new hat. (He even closed his eyes for this shot...imagine that).
Finn, here, resuming his usual position in front of the heater vent, drinking his milk, pawing his blankie.
We're off the Harrisburg, PA today! Happy Week to you!


Here's What's Cookin'

Lovely Sara asked about my upholstery projects today. Well, here they are, finished.
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Just alot of tacking and hammering and pulling. It was alot like dressing a two-year-old to play in the snow: layers upon layers of fabric.
And, my dad is here! We are lucky enough to have him here until Thursday! The rolls and Million Dollar Pound Cake are just for him! (Anyone who comes that far deserves to eat whatever he or she wants!)
And the roast cooked slowly while we sang and chased children around at church.


Anthro Love
I am still smiling! I bought some stuff on sale at Anthropologie last night, including some short/pants that Travis calls "Billy Corgan costume pants." (He loves Billy, so I don't know why that's a slam, from him). Anyways, so I was taking these puppies back today and guess what?
The whole table of sale stuff was marked down an additional 40%! I about peed my pants.
I grabbed some stuff that I was too short on funds to buy last night, including these plates, above, that I am going to hang in my kitchen. Gleefully, I also grabbed a lampshade for that yellow lamp in the kids room, those green pulls for my thrift craft shelf, a hook for my keys, a yellow swirly bathmat, and three more plates to match.
So, what was the damage, you ask? Negative $4.96. That's right. They owed me. My mom finds signs in birds, I find them in sales. With the credit I got from the stuff I bought last night, and the stuff I bought today, I ended up in the black!
What is the best deal you've ever received on merchandise?


First Lessons
Ahhhh! I feel like a little child, unlearned and inexperienced, because I am in this upholstery stuff. I deliberated yesterday if I even wanted to try this or just take the pieces down to Bussey's Upholstery. (She wouldn't teach me how...I already asked her).
So, I've got my first tack in and I'm trying to get a handle on this.
Excuse me while I make a fool of myself....


To Do Today

1. Make these Overnight Oatmeal Muffins.
2. Start reupholstering these two old things.
3. Learn how to reupholster.4. Fold this laundry.

And, what I did yesterday:

1. Hung this grouping in the guest room (I've been preparing for your visit in a few weeks, Mom).

2. Hung the swimmer painting that Emily did and I love. I'm glad I'll get to wake up to it every morning. The little yellow ducklings are my favorite part.

What projects have you got in your slow-cooker?



What The Weekend Brought

This thrift store lamp base (I still need to get a larger shade for it).
Family picture outtake #1
Outtake #2
Maybe the best one (if that counts for Lucy not looking)
Outtake #541
New branches for my bedroom and a thrifty Q-tip holder (in yellow)
The best find ever! This cabinet for $20....it is perfect for my craft stuff. I had another shelf there and my old trunk, but this works so much better.
Organized my pantry cabinet.
Made this sweater garland for Lucy's bed.
Sewed this to cover the shelf in Travis' office. Hiding the junk and clutter is sometimes the only way to get rid of it!