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If you're looking for a swanky skirt for your tree this year, go here and get yours.


Ghoulish Goblets

Trying to think of a creative use for these yard sale metal goblets, I came up with these ghoulish goblets.

Then, using this idea for ghost cookies, we made these out of E.L. Fudge because Target doesn't sell Nutter Butters (at least ours doesn't). Weird, I know. (Finn insisted on putting white chocolate chips for the eyes because the brown ones are too scary).

And then we took them to everybody on our stops today, including three of Finn's teachers, the pediatrician (yes, Miles has yet another round of antibiotics to treat ear infections), and the gal I visit teach.
Everytime I take something to our Dr. in a non-disposable plate or container, he gives it back to me. It's kind of funny. This time, before he gave the metal goblet back to me, he said, "What is that?" I told him I didn't know. It's just the perfect old, quirky thing to put Halloween treats in.


"Shines Like the Top of the Chrysler Building"

After hearing about the Fly Lady for the first time on Whitney's blog, I decided to give her tips on cleaning a sink a try. For two and a half years I've wondered if there is a proper way to thoroughly clean a sink.

Well now I know. I used a clam knife, toothpicks, a toothbrush and a rag, along with the recommended cleaners (bleach, baking soda and Windex) to get this baby shining clean as new.
It gave me an especially nice feeling as I did my dishes today, seeing her all shiny and clean.


Skirting the Issue

Do you need a little frill for your upcoming holiday decor?

Because I might have just what your Christmas tree needs this year....

Go here to get yours!
Amy Atlas Copycats

It was another drowsy Fall afternoon in the Schuller house. Racking my brain for fun, mess-free activities, I thought of these pumpkins I'd seen on Amy Atlas' site.

I had some small white paper bags on hand, and we just colored on the pumpkins, put some candy in them and used masking tape for the stems. Easy, clean and best of all, involved candy.

This is what happened when I was bouncing Miles on my knees. Finn saw it and wanted on, then Lucy followed suit. I like how Miles is using Lucy's hair as his reins.


Love These Two
Lots going on today (as per usual), but I wanted to post this sweet little shot I got over the weekend. It seems like the more Travis is away studying or at school, the more Miles wants to play with him.
Some of the things we're doing:
  • 1-year Drs. appt. (and lead test) for Miles
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies
  • Picking up from preschool
  • Going to the gym
  • Making dinner...what we're having still to be determined

Hope you have a great Thursday!


The Result of Saying "Prayer Time"
{Forgive the snotty nose, please}

Well, after you've prayed with them, you might as well try to eat your hands, right?


One Year Came Too Quickly

It hardly feels like a year has passed since Miles was born, but alas, the little guy turned one on Saturday.

These being "leaner times" for us, I decided to make him some much-needed shoes instead of buy. Again, I turned to Susan for inspiration and was not disappointed to find a free pattern. I made them out of a chamois cloth and adapted the pattern to fit 18-month-old size feet.

Feeling a little under the weather, Miles smirked at his own personal chocolate cake at first.

But, then, he came around and thoroughly destroyed it. (That's my boy!) I am so thrilled he is mine. He is sweet as can be.
Birthday Brick
And as a bonus for Miles' birthday, I was the first female finisher in the Midtown Classic 10K on Saturday, with a time of 42:32. The brick constituting the award came from historic Euclid Avenue (a.k.a. Millionaire Row, where John D. Rockefeller owned a mansion). Man, that finish felt good!


Reminiscing and Chocolates

Tomorrow we will celebrate Miles' first birthday. It's hard to even imagine myself waddling around, still with child, about to deliver a baby. I look at pictures of myself pregnant and it doesn't even seem like me.
And it's also hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Years. I'm making and selling my homemade caramel chocolate pretzel rods so while everyone else is eating commercial Halloween candy, you can be eating something made with love, all from scratch, with no bar codes on the wrapper! :)

If you're local and you want some, let me know. I will make some just for you.


Ever have days where you feel like this? Like the sun is the things you have to face and it's just too bright? Maybe the fact that I woke up at 2 AM to Lucy's bedroom light on and her clanging her toy pots and pans around in her bed is part of the cause. She was making herself a play midnight snack, apparently. Or was it when Miles woke up crying bloody murder at 6 AM for his customary bottle of warmed milk?



I can't let Fall go by without picking apples at Eddy's Fruit Farm. They're very relaxed and don't have all the fancy-schmancy hayrides and facepainting galore. I like it simple. Our kids had fun just jumping around on the hay bales in their barn. I have plans to make a pie with the apples we picked, although Finn is wanting to make applesauce. Maybe we'll do both. My hair is pretty spikey in that last photo.


Sunday Self Portraits

While Travis was helping the kids get breakfast, I was tinkering around with my camera in the craft room. I don't know if it was that I actually wore mascara for the first time in two weeks, or that I was dressed up, but I felt like taking self-portraits. Show us your self-portrait!


Frosting and Chips

This was our get-in-the-spirit-of-Halloween and satisfy-your-3-in-the-afternoon-sweet-tooth activity.

For Finn and Lucy, it's all about the frosting. They lick it off of cupcakes and cookies, and eat it by the spoonful.

Stools: his and hers.


Walking on Sunshine

This little man is about to turn one and I just couldn't pass up this little cart at Ikea this week.

Early birthday presents are so fun too.

And, though he is growing like a weed, he still likes his Mama best, her kisses especially, and he is now talking in baby-ese, babbling more and more all the time.



I loved this pillow instantly and wanted a version for my own living room.

So I cut the fabric that used to be my curtains into 2" strips, stitched, then ruffled them, and with some pinning and stitching, made them into my new ruffly pillow.

I used some scraps from my new curtains for the backing. It really was fun to see this thing come together. Go here for Susan's brilliant post about hers. She's always got something creative brewing.


Is It 5 o'clock Yet?

Ten minutes ago, after a brief, but intense meltdown, I got Lucy's response: "You're not a good person. You're a mad person. Cry." (She often says something she thinks is hurtful and then tells me to cry. It's lovely). It's Friday afternoon, 3:58, smack dab in the the middle of the witching hour (you know what I'm talking about) and I'm at the end of two weeks solid of single-parenting. Those darn midterms. Miles has been crying on and off for the past two hours, Lucy can't seem to quit hurting him (she pushed him over and gave him a bloody lip within the past hour) and Finn seems to be wired for annoying me today. I give up. I'm just going to breath deeply until 5 o'clock and hope that I can make it. I don't know if it's Lucy very emotionally-charged potty training (as in, every ten minutes, "I've gotta go potty. Carry my upstairs to the toilet," as she's whining and whimpering dramatically), or that I'm overworked and underpaid, but I'm in need of some serious away time from my job, the mothering one. I'll be back Monday, hopefully well rested, more inspired and with more spring in my step.
(I took these pictures in our front entryway on a chair from my friend Kellie. Lucy sure puts on a sweet face when she wants to, but sometimes she can be oh so naughty).