Finn-Bob Turns Six

Here is the birthday boy, with a proud smile, after building his buttermilk pancake stack topped with raspberries. (I must have snapped this right after the prayer: hence the folded arms).

The cake: buttermilk chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting (plus his favorite colors: red and blue).

Some of his friends, including his neighborhood biker gang buddies.

I don't know what he wished for, but I wish for his continued growth and learning and a quick transition to school in the Fall! My Summer babe....Finn-Bob Schuller.


Babe in Action
Henry is crawling now...

...exploring drawers, things left on floors...

...no territory too dangerous or intimidating...

...and he still has that smile and those chubby legs.

Thank goodness!



(Where he works).

(Where she works).



Today I'm feeling: annoyed at all the clutter, piles and toys everywhere

Looking forward to: trips to Idaho and the Coast next month

Lunch was: refried beans, sweet potatoes, green salad with red peppers, Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips

Felt weird at: a family-oriented "messy" playtime; not because of the activities, but because I felt like I didn't have anything in common with the parents there except that we all had kids

Need to: make more granola, clear the clutter, piles and toys

Want to: make some homemade wheat bread, start a fun project, find a cool vintage laundry basket


First Haircut


Wood Chopping

Our goal is to get enough to heat this creekside cottage all winter long. In my opinion, this was one of the funnest things we've done together as a family. Travis cuts, I haul, and the kids haul and play. Henry just sits and smiles, and naps.

Good times today.