Things are Gettin' Crazy (In a Good Way)

Just when I thought Spring would never come, she peeked out at me from behind the clouds and sent the crocuses shooting out of the ground. It's electrifying.

Where did all the time go I had to prepare to move? By the looks of my calendar, which is getting filled with appointments, school functions, and a trip West to secure a house, my time left in the Emerald City is running out.

Things are chaotic around here. I'm busy, but in a good way. I like this kind of hustle and bustle. Henry is downing baby food, Miles is talking like never before, Lucy is still sassy, and Finn wore his pajamas to school today for the official Pajama Day. Life is good. Unpredictable, fast-paced, and downright jarring sometimes, but ultimately very, very good.


Making: Pillows to Paper Chains
I've been absent because my computer was with the Geek Squad getting a new fan installed.
Lest you think this ready-for-Spring-crazy lady has been twiddling her thumbs, here's a look at my new living room pillow cover. I used vintage fabric scraps and blue yarn from my stash. It's been a pleasant change to see lately.
The kids have also had a gajillion days off of school (either from sickness or snow or official-off days). To bide our time, one day we made paper chains.

They are so fast and simple, it was the perfect project considering the attention spans of these two.