"It's Okay, He Can Call Me Flower If He Wants To...."

This is what Finn looks like after he hits the side of our house full force while pushing his dump truck and watching the neighbor kids.
Little Miss L. donning her Sunday best.
"Yes, I just dumped salt on the counter."
"Aren't I sweet?"
(Sidenote: Travis wouldn't let me put this shirt on Finn several months ago. He said it was too girly. So, I waited and now it fits Lucy, even though it is size 18 mos.)


"Sew" Crazy
Today I finished the last two of six roman shades (with a little help from Finn who "wurk haas," which means, "work on the house).
Ta-da! Two in the kitchen...
...two in the bedroom...
... and two more on the other side of the bedroom. I'm thinking with the leftover gray fabric, I'll either make an upholstered headboard or cover some large pillows instead of a headboard.
This is a shot of Finn watching Bambi for the first time. He was mesmerized, surprisingly. I never did make it through the whole thing as a kid and he likes it apparently. He laughed out loud at some parts.
I gave Lucy a bottle just to see what she would do (Whit- does that bottle look familiar?) She did okay, and I thought it was funny to watch her grimaces and reactions.
Would anyone be interested in learning how I made the roman shades? I could show you how....


Roman Shades and Curtains: Part II
So, I think I'm gonna go with the suggestions of using this in the kitchen.
And probably use this in the living room as a curtain.
Then, I found this yesterday at JoAnn's and I thought it was so modern, yet comfortable. I think I'm gonna make Roman shades for my bedroom with it.
Happy Friday and happy sewing to me!


Decorating Denouement

After deliberating all day about which fabrics to use, I saw these tranquil spaces on Domino and found my answer: none of the fabrics! (Or at least use toned-down ones). I hope to create something tranquil and soothing, like the above pictures. I guess it's back to the drawing board. Thanks for all your input and suggestions. They were not lost on me. I am taking it all in....
Opinions, Please!

Above is one fabric in my bedroom.

Here's what maybe some panels would look like (sort of).

I need some curtains in my bedroom and got some fabrics at JoAnn's last night for a steal. But, what do you think?

Same fabric in living room. (The beige stripe matches my wall color exactly).

Another fabric in living room. I like it paired with the stripey fabric. Does it look too upholstery-ish for curtains?

Same fabric in kitchen. Does it look kitchen-y enough? I thought it would look cool as a Roman shade in the kitchen...

And, here's another fabric that Whitney gave me, in the bedroom.

Here's a close-up of this fabric. I love it! Would it look good in the bedroom, or kitchen?

I thought it would be cool to do something similar to this (courtesy Rowhouse) above our bed. I like how it delineates the bed and makes it a focal point and also creates the illusion of a window. What do you think? Do you think it would look too circus-y with the stripey fabric? Maybe I could make the curtains for the bedroom out of the stripey fabric and then do a canopy out of the floral fabric....

Here's one of the windows in my bedroom. How would you hang curtains in here? Or, would you do a Roman shade so as to not hide the molding around the window?

Here's the other window in my bedroom. Notice how there's not alot of room on the left side for a curtain panel to hang. What would you do?
I need your input! What do you think?



When Whitney comes to town, it can only mean two things: lots of good photos and good food. She very graciously did a family photoshoot for us this weekend. I was happy with the pictures, but I was NOT happy with my own hair. Why can one never be satisfied with her own hair? So, here you go, just a random sampling. Enjoy your Tuesday! I will spend mine doing the usual: dishes, laundry, holding, cooking.


What Does It Take to Have a Good Day?

Not this (above)! Something about being pulled over makes me want to 1) scream loudly, "I hate Cleveland!", 2) Punch or spit on the police officer, and 3) cry. And cry I did. The floodgates poured open and I actually was able to cry in front of the police officer. It didn't work. He didn't let me off easy. I just needed a good cry anyway I guess.
So, I will rumenate. Rumenate on things that are going well in my life. Like these curtains I put up last night.

...or this piece of Whoopie Pie cake that I ate to get over feeling depressed about my ticket!
...or these silhouettes I got for a steal at a yard sale this weekend.
What do you do to "get over" bad experiences?


A Day Out
View of the Kirtland Temple.
Swimming at Lake Erie.
Playing at the park by Lake Erie.
Lounging around in the morning.
Historic Kirtland meets Finn and Ivy--- was it ready?
Sleepy Schuller takes a nap.
Swimming never felt so good!
Hankiford Fredin and his little bib---so cute!


Off to Kirtland
(Not related to Kirkland Signature, but wouldn't it be great if it were!?!) So we're loading up the babies and kids and aunts and heading to Kirtland, Ohio, with a stop in Hiram, Ohio. These towns are a 25-minute drive from my house. I am excited and hope it doesn't rain on us!


Someone Pinch Me, Please
I got to kiss Hank this morning when no one was up. He has a little snuggly blanket that is his mom's slip. Babies with binkies turn my heart to mush!


My Mom is a Belgian Workhorse (and a Great Grandma)
This is our yard at 10:06 AM...
...and another view at same time.
And this is our yard at 3:18 PM. (I'll take a better picture tomorrow so you get the full effect). Gone are the trees growing through the hedge, the weeds in the flower bed, the overgrown branches of the burning bush and a host of other things overgrown. It looks like our yard got a haircut! My mom is a workhorse and doesn't quit. I had to pry her hands away from the loppers to come in for dinner (not really, but almost).
She also plays with Lucy...
...and reads to Finn. If only she could stay longer!