Needless to say, I won't need a stroller this size for at least several years. I have been getting excited about my six-week postpartum visit so I can get the go-ahead to run again though. I read dandee's post about running and I thought it was great. I agree that running is not everyone's favorite. I just like to run. I know people that don't like to run think people who do are completely nuts, but I just like to. Look at Mom and Dad Fox. It is a good workout because I can devote the littlest time for the maximum benefit, there are no hidden fees (except I was a little ticked to pay $25 a tire for a one year no-flat warranty on my jogging stroller), and Finn has grown accustomed to trips outside to see "buses," "trucks," and "boats."

There are some things others do that I truly admire, but don't think I have the stuff to do: shower and do make-up first thing of the day, coordinate their kids outfits, eat artichokes and healthy stuff because they like it, scrapbook, or make a hot breakfast M-F.


Keeping a PMA
(Not my Lucy but similar-looking.)

If you call waking to a screaming child who has soaked his diaper, pajamas and bedding an opportunity to finally wash his sheets, you have a positive mental attitude. If you call 2-hour long middle of the night feedings a wonderful way to bond with your baby, you have a PMA. If you're thankful after changing one poopy diaper, then another, that your children have healthy bowel function, then you have a PMA. If a child unravelling a roll of toilet paper and then soaking it in toilet water makes you glad that he is a curious learner, then you have a positive mental attitude. I'm trying to keep a PMA, but sometimes....


Trucks 17:31

To get Finn within the sound of our voices during scripture time the other night, we got out the trucks. It worked so well that he didn't want to go to bed that night. First thing he said when he woke up was, you guessed it: "Truck."
This little "angel" kept us up until 1:30 last night. She was crying for two hours. I must have fed her 30 times. No messy diaper. Burps were out. I don't know what the problem was, but she was not having it. I am now counting down the hours until Finn's nap when I can hopefully catch up on some much-needed sleep.


My Terminal

This is where I blog. I even left my cereal bowl in the picture for the effect. I'm anxious to see everyone's blogging terminals!
Family picture attempt yesterday after church: didn't go very well. Our kids look miserable. What are Travis and I doing wrong?


If You've Got It, Use It

Since I can't taste anything due to my cold, I've started eating alot healthier. I figure I might as well eat what's good for me while I can't taste it. This is a picture of my lunch today. (What you can't see is the Lozano I sprinkled on the rice; a little sauce my dad brought back from his travels; so tasty!) Anywho, I feel pretty good and I finally feel like I can fight the battle of the baby bulge.

Also, I'm making a request for everyone who reads my blog to post on their blog a picture of the computer they blog at. I just think it's interesting where people spend their time at the computer. I'll post one later today.


Comin' Through
Speedy delivery!
Slowly Quieting Down
This is Lucy, laying in my lap tonight, as I catch up on reading all the blogs entries I've missed. We've all been sick with the cold and I've been working overtime, trying to catch up on sleep and a messy house and two kids. Finn finally got over the stomach bug he had for a week and now we're working on getting over the colds. Does life get any more adventurous than this? Travis made a wonderful dinner tonight: Bobby Flay's Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup and Fontina Mushroom Sandwiches. Just what the Dr. ordered. Delicious. Thanks, Travis and Happy Valentine's Day to each of you!


Cold is my Middle Name
Finn, here, building the Tower of Babel out of vitamin bottles. That's me, the milk cow in the background, nursing the little calf.
Robby and Sharyn bought these adorable little Harley Davidson pajamas, complete with doo-rag.
Side view.


Week and a Half

Lucy's hair gets really fuzzy after a bath. I think she looks like a porcupine.
Are these two related? Maybe in a few weeks her skin tone will turn white like Finn's.


Pretty in Pink
Yesterday Kim Mathews brought by these cute little booties and sweater that she made for Miss Lucy. Aren't they adorable? I put the pink ones on Lucy today for church and she looked so cute. As I was dressing her, Travis said, "We never dressed Finn up for church." And I replied, "Finn wasn't a girl."


Sleepy Saturday
This is the current situation in the Chicken Coop: Finn beneath the TV immersed in "Cars," Lucy fast asleep on my lap as I type this, and Travis catching some Z's.
This is a picture every mother likes to see. Too bad she doesn't look like this from 1 to 3 in the morning.

First bath. She screamed at first, then relaxed and actually liked it.


Tribute to Mothers and Future Mothers Everywhere

I've been thinking alot lately about the women who have influenced me, particularly my mother and grandmothers. There is no way I can fully repay my mom for all she's done for me. I guess I think about my two kids now and how they'll never know the pains taken to see them through life. I guess you never really think about all parenting involves until you're given the task.

Ida Grace Watkins Fox, my dad's mom
Little Whitney and my mom, Debra Kay Bruneel Fox (photo and artwork courtesy of Emily Fox).
A lapse through time with my mother's mother, Sharon Lee Smith Bruneel, in 1956 and then in 2006.

Hurrah for mothers and future mothers everywhere!