Fly is Timing By

We're still here, though a little rounder due to some serious candy-making this past weekend. Henry let me sleep a whole 6 hours at a stretch last night (bless him), and Finn has decided he wants to eat not only lunch and snack at school, but breakfast too. He likes to play board games with his friend Xavier after finishing his Rice Krispies and strawberry milk. I'm listening to Pandora "Cambridge Singers" station non-stop and thinking of things to put in my advent calendar this year. Our neighbors are moving this week which makes us sad, but thank goodness it's only a few blocks away. Play dates live on forever! I hope this finds you all well and enjoying my favorite time of year- the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Working It

There's something very soothing to me about working with chocolate. It requires something of me. I can't temper it (pouring and handling it on a cold marble slab) without surrendering impatience and bitterness. It pulls out bits of laziness and replaces them with sweetness. I suppose it's the nature of the large-batch process: it would be a shame to eat them all myself. It requires, or at least politely asks for, generosity. The craft wasn't mine to begin with. I was taught. It came with the unspoken expectation that I would share it with others. And besides the chocolate-y cuticles, I get a little mini-tutorial in patience and giving every time I do.


Giving Thanks

From start...
Happy Thanksgiving!


Crafting Away the Day

Exhibit A: My dining room table right now.
Exhibit B: My attempts at making mismatched plastic cutlery look cool (using what I already have) for the upcoming ward Christmas party.
Exhibit C: the mammoth-like pile of clean clothes I just can't seem to stop crafting to fold.
Exhibit D: my not-so-little-anymore wee babe who is growing like a weed before my very eyes (he's over two months old folks!)


This and That
(This) boy went to bed last night wearing a ladybug/Fred Flinstone-looking accessory he borrowed from the neighbors. Plus, he insists on wearing it today too.

(That) baby is sweet enough to eat and he still smells like a pickled newborn. I am in love with him even though he has thrown my sleep patterns completely off which makes me do silly things like forget to wear a bra to the gym. (He's not cross-eyed...it just looks like it in every picture I've posted.)


Making Kits

Lately I've been making alot of advent calendar kits for my Etsy shop.

Go here to get yours!