Several months ago we found some brand new shutters in the garage.  Figuring they were intended for the front of the house, and thinking that it would look better with them than without, we sprayed them gray to match the roof and hung them.  I think it looks better, although I would have liked less blue in the paint shade.  Do you think we should get shutters for the rest of the windows on the house?
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Growing Grass

My mental wheels have been spinning lately thinking about what to do with this yard of ours. It lacks any sort of evergreen plants, not to mention any plants except bulbs around the perimeter of the house. Ever my go-to consultant on home matters, my Mom came over several weeks ago to help me develop a master plan of attack. We brainstormed, drew pictures, pounded wooden stakes then strung them, trying to decide on a plan that would soften the hard lines of the home and foundation, give definition to the yard, and pull the whole look together in general.

So now that I have a plan in place, we are working, little by little, on bringing it to fruition. In the front, my Mom pulled out all the small plants and dead bushes that used to be a planting area. Then we smoothed out the dirt and planted grass all along the side of the house. Planting grass was the first step, with planting shrubs around the house to follow (that is, after we get a basement window put in).

It already looks better, in my opinion, to have a little green surrounding the house versus bland brown.

The one down side: it requires constant watering. Round-the-clock feedings, I mean, waterings, is what keeps it growing. I am starting to feel like I'm on a nursing schedule again.... Okay, it's not that bad, but still...

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