Saag Aloo
I woke this morning to the delightful smell of saag aloo. Not made in some greasy restaurant kitchen, not from a box, but, yes, from my own kitchen here at the chicken coop. A little pinch of garam masala, a few generous shakes of cardamom, some coriander, and potatoes and spinach make this dish a tasty treat. It wasn't as good as India Palace's or Bombay House's, for that matter, but it was pretty darn good for homemade by an Anglo-American. I won't even try to make naan because conventional ovens just don't do tandoor. But, if there's a way to save $35 on Indian take-out by making saag aloo myself, I sure will try.

Another item of business is my househunting in Cleveland. I've been on the phone and in Hotmail all week long, trying to set up appointments and figure out where we're gonna live come July. I've got some prospects and I hope that by visiting the homes I will be able to make a good decision. Here's some of the ones I'm going to see (some pretty, some not so much):

Which one do you like best?

I'm having computer problems. I just lost my post.

I'll write later.



Family Night
"This is the night we've waited for
Always a treat we have in store
Loving each other more and more
Together on Family Night."
Our fix-the-pipe Family Night ended with Finn scratching Lucy. Pretty typical for our family nights.
TLC has a new program called Family Night that airs, you guessed it, Monday nights at 8 PM. It features "America's favorite family," the Roloffs and some other shows I've never personally watched. But, I like the Roloffs and I thought Monday night Family Night was interesting seeing as how LDS folks have done this for years.


"Pile of Junk"
It's finished. The yard sale of '07 is officially done. All day Thursday donations-in-kind kept pouring in, into the night. Even Friday the donations kept coming in. The sale was AWESOME. It was like the closing scene from "It's a Wonderful Life," where the townspeople kept bringing forth money to support their long-time friend, George Bailey. I can't tell you how many people rounded up their purchase or put money in the donation jar. There were people coming out of the woodwork to buy what Ethan Sharp (my 4-year-old pricing buddy) called a "pile of junk." This is my trampled yard after the sale (and I'm not complaining). I couldn't believe how many people came. Road 92 looked like a parking lot. I was in sale-heaven, living as closely as I ever will of my dream to own a store (any kind of store). And, all in all, we made $2,500.

THANKS to each of you who donated, baked cupcakes, or bought the said "junk" to support the Peck Family. I was inspired by everyone's participation. It truly takes a village to raise a child.

Three cheers for Daniel!


These Could Be Yours!

Amazingly-toned abs with this ab machine!
Impress all your friends with this Napoleon Dynamite cap.
Keep your cakes fresh for all those Summer picnics with this Tupperware cake server!
All of these finds could be yours if you come to the biggest yard sale of the year!
It all happens this Friday and Saturday
8 AM to 2 PM
3600 Road 92
Come and bring a friend!
Donations welcome: bring them this Thursday (tomorrow) to the above address, all day!


I want this post to change the lives of it's readers. I want this post to stand out and help someone have a changed state of mind. So far, all I can come up with to write about it what we ate for dinner last night. BORING! What is it about a post on a weblog that makes one enjoy reading and keep coming back for more? I don't have it figured out. I guess my object in writing shouldn't be to cater to one's audience, but to write for myself and about my life. Or, maybe there's a balance there. If I only wanted to write for myself, I could do that in my journal. I do like seeing things in people's homes. Here's some things in my home that I enjoy lately:

Mr. Tarantula411.
My new, homemade chenille shower curtain.
Hancock's Going Out of Business (boo-hoo) Sale: 40% off.
Last night's dinner. That one was a keeper.
Our Primary plant. I feel like I hold the entire 3rd Ward Primary's faith, represented in this one little plant. I started with eight seedlings and am down to this one. I am feeling the pressure to keep this one alive.
Excellent bedtime reading material.
The dogwood in bloom. The view from my front door.


Little Chubster and Her Accomplice
Betadine, betadine. The anti-bacterial that also makes a great medium for painting bedrooms, including bedspreads, bedskirts, clothes and much, much more!
Mornings are so unpredictable. Sometimes he'll drag the whole blanket off his bed. Sometimes he'll wake up on the wrong side of the bed. All I know is last night, this little "dude" woke up 3 times. Once because he had thrown up (which has become a Sunday night ritual), the second who knows why and the third, because he had to play quietly and eventually poop. I spent last night volleying between nursing Lucy and laying with Finn. "In the trenches," as Whitney calls it.
This little butterball is definitely getting her share of mother's milk. She has fatrolls that Finn never had. I like having a chubby baby. She coos too.


The Craziness of It All
(Above) Finn before giving birth to Duplos. He likes to discreetly tuck the Duplos into his shirt and then later on, you go to pick him up, and (look, Ma!) there's blocks in there!
Finn was peddling around yesterday on his truck. After he went by, I noticed he was carrying a passenger. He's an animal lover, to be sure.

On that subject, we were on a walk Tuesday morning and Finn wanted to pet the horses. So, I let him. One of the horses bit his finger with a sound like the crunch of a carrot snapping. I thought he had bit his finger off. Finn inhaled for a long time (you know the first part, before the initial cry) and then let out a wail. I knew it hurt bad. Poor little guy. We were both crying on the side of the road. His finger is still intact (look at the first picture), but a little bruised and swollen. The Dr. prescribed antibiotics and Neosporin. The funny part: Finn wanted to pet the horses on our walk yesterday! Trusting, that one.


"I was so embarrassed, I liketa died."
The View From Everest. Isn't this an amazing picture, like you're almost touching outer space?

Okay, so the title of this post has nothing to do with anything I'm about to type about, but I have always thought this phrase was funny (taken from a Southern cookbook my dad got me last year).

So, it's Sunday night and I've got the Sunday Night Anxious Jitters. It's that feeling of needing to change something, paint a room in my house, start a sewing project, or cut my hair. (More on my hair later). I love/hate this feeling because I know it means I feel good enough about my life to tackle something else, and it also means I could fail trying something new.

Okay, so my nails are BUGGING me. I hate long nails and mine are long right now and I can't stand it. That's all I want to say about it.
Finn had a lesson in Easter Egg hunting from his first-cousins-once-removed in Moses Lake today. We had a lovely dinner with the Bruneels: ham, funeral potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, homemade rolls (I wish I had one right now to supplement the Easter candy feeding frenzy I just experienced), fruit, stuffing and Gloria Barber's strawberry cream cheese white cake supreme (my mom made that). It was all delicious. Thanks, Bruneels, for hosting. I had fun riding on the zip line and seeing their new addition to their home. Great time with you all!Steak kabobs with Alan Ozaki's sweet marinade. Among other bbqed dishes Travis made last week, this topped all. I snarfed those down like only a nursing mother could.
Did I mention I hate my hair too? When I found out I was pregnant with Lucy I had my fabulous hair stylist chop my locks off. I had about 1 inch of hair all over my head. Now that my somewhat rational mind is thinking straighter, I want to grow it out. It's not fun getting ready for the day when I'm not excited about what my hair is going to look like once I'm primped and ready to go. I always want long when I have short and vice versa. I can't decide if I look like the fifth Beatle or a couth Nacho Libre with my current 'do. Do I need hair extensions? Maybe I should consult the video of myself in High School sporting lots of conceptual hairdos. My mom and I had them made outside of Penney's at some promo they were having.

I guess that's all I have for now. Since my parent's have decided to sell their house, I've become interested in becoming a realtor. Maybe when Lucy starts kindergarden. I'm sure I'll move on to another interest before then. In the meantime, remember this oldie but goodie?


Yard Sale!

Start saving your stuff and donate it to a good cause!
Yard Sale to Benefit the Peck Family
Friday and Saturday, April 20th and 21st, 8 AM to 12 PM
at 3600 Road 92
Bring donations Thursday, the 19th, all day
Anyone interested in coming to help at the yard sale, please comment or e-mail: sarahfox5@hotmail.com.
Pass this on to friends! We want a big turnout and alot of stuff to sell for this worthy cause!


Diet: Abandoned

"Consistently delivering high quality, NESTLÉ has ensured warm and enjoyable moments for families across America." --Nestle's website
I am a dark chocolate fan. What are you? Milk, dark or mix?