Unique as They Come
I've had alot of fun lately creating custom orders for some of my shoppers.
This advent calendar, for example. She wanted little pockets to hold ornaments that she could place on the tree every day until Christmas. She gave me a picture of a calendar from Restoration Hardware that I changed to look like this advent calendar.
Another gal wanted a stocking for her daughter because she bought a growth chart from me and liked that style. She wanted shades of red and green, but not the primary colors of red and green. I can't take all the credit: Emily helped me with the design.
And, this little custom order came straight from heaven.

He's my favorite one this season!


In the Kitchen With Emily

It turns out that when I had my baby, I also had an onslaught of visitors (and there's more coming! How lucky am I?)

One of those currently staying at the chicken coop is Aunt Emily.

She comes from the Happy Valley, a land flowing with (BYU creamery chocolate)milk, honey, and lots of eligible bachelors.

We have had some enlightening conversations, some of which took place as Emily was making these...

...delectable Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Wow! What a treat for a Sunday night!
{I've also been swamped with etsy orders, so my posts have been hit and miss. Do know that I love you, blog readers, and once this time called the holidays is over, I'm sure I'll devote more time to my blog. Because, after all, what is life without blogs?}


Happy {Golden} Birthday Lauren!
Okay, let me start by saying that Lauren is no ordinary girl. She is scandalously pretty, sings like a songbird and is the kind of mother that makes me look bad.
When I need to vent or talk to someone, she is a good listener and doesn't make hasty judgements. She is smart. She is taking really hard classes in college and she manages to do this, play on a soccer team, go running, have a cultural cooking club, record her music, and...oh, yeah, care for her little starlet, Ruby.

I hope that one day I will develop the pizazz and spunk and kindness that is Lauren.
I have always loved her and even at one point, let her and Andrew sleep in the same twin-sized bed with me. Those were good times. And there are many, many more to come!
Happy 21st Birthday, Lauren!
I hope you enjoy P. Mason's mud pie!


Birthday Wishes
What could I possibly give to the Woman who got up early with my kids every morning while she was here so I could sleep in (even considering the 3-hour time zone difference)?
Or the Lady who sewed me a special coin purse with my name on it to put my quarter in for Popcorn Fridays in elementary school?
[I know a blog post doesn't even come close to giving her the praise she deserves!]
But, nonetheless, Happy Birthday, Mom!
I wish we were together, so I could make an Italian Cream Cake and we could eat it together.
I hope you have a great day, including a run on your favorite route, a good lunch out and lots of calls from your children, husband and friends.
I love you!


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Visually Twittering
9:06 PM: This is what I'm doing right now.
(Did I mention it's snowing outside, I'm listening to the Bing Crosby holiday Pandora station, and I just made brownies! It doesn't get much better than that. Plus, the kids are in bed, minus my little attachment, Miles).
Get yours here!
Monkey See, Monkey Do

I have to think twice before I just pop in a DVD for Finn to watch. Especially if it's "Wall E." Because I get "Wall E piles" (as he calls them) when he watches it. Hmmm, my inner scale is weighing the cost of cleaning up Wall-E piles and having time to myself.... tough decision.
Can you blame a cute little boy for creating like a robot?
Happy One Month Birthday baby Miles!


Looking Back

Apples don't fall far from the tree, do they?

Taping and Kissing
Oh, Lucy, I love your belt! What a cute little accessory! Is brown packing tape the thing to wear for Fall?
See, this little girl right here, while looking oh so charming smiling, has started taking off her diaper when I put her in her crib to sleep.
No, not this little angel, you say.

Oh yes, this one, this little peanut-faced doll, is the mastermind behind many a poop-smearing and sheet-peeing.

But, this one? Ohhhh, he is golden. My third child. My golden child. (I should know...I am a third child!) :)

My sleep-through-most-of-the-night child. My kissable-wispy-hair child. My Miles.


New Digs
So for the longest time I've had to use the dining room table to sew or work on any project. Well, all of that changed this weekend and I couldn't be happier! I finally have my own "craft room."

And the best thing about this room?

The lock!
To keep little curious busybodies like this one out.

Travis built this little wall by the bookcase. Isn't he handy?

At first I felt kind of selfish taking half of the kids playroom for myself, but then I decided that I need somewhere to "sharpen my saw" and if "mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

So, there. I got my own room and I can watch the kids play while I work on my stuff.

That's what I call a win-win situation.


Did You See the Office Two Weeks Ago?

These are some of the photos I found on my camera after wonderful Erin had left. She must have had this photo shoot while I was upstairs napping. I was laughing so hard at the pictures. It reminded me of the Office episode where Angela and Andy were positioning Jan's baby amongst a basket of naturals, aiming for that unmistakable Anne Geddes look. Was Erin aiming for that same look? I'm not sure. But children holding cabbages? One would think so... :)
The Rundown

At church yesterday, several acquaintances kindly asked me how I was doing (with that concerned, caring look in their eyes). I wasn't sure what they wanted to hear or what that question really means, so I chose the easiest answer: "Great. I'm doing great." Then we proceeded to talk about baby Miles (as Lucy and Finn refer to him) and how he sleeps, how often he eats, how the delivery went. It was so nice to have people wonder about me and how I'm doing.

To be quite honest, I don't really know what day it is still and I am most often seen walking around my house wondering what I'm supposed to be doing. When I get an uninterrupted minute I don't know what to do with myself.

Typical, I'm sure.

I vascillate between feeling so blessed with this newborn baby and his head of hair to feeling frustrated at the messes his two older siblings can create in the time it takes to nurse this baby.

Again, typical, in any house with young kids and a newborn.

I feel like Miles was the baby to give me a creative burst of energy during and after my pregnancy. I now have lots of craft projects underway, because maybe this child in utero was sending me creative vibes. Or, it could be due to my new craft room.... (stay tuned for a post on that one).

So, how am I doing, you ask?

Great. Just don't look too close at the handprinted windows or the pile of unfolded laundry dominating my dining room table. I'm trying not to. Because if I focus on those trivial things, I might miss the little bundle of joy that's been sent my way and will only be this small for what will seem like milliseconds in the years to come.

(And the pictures? I wanted to show what I looked like 4 weeks ago and what came of that ginormous baby bump!)


Action, Action...A-C-T-I-O-N!
We've been having a good time!
Just Listed


And this.


Here are some things lately that I have been thankful for:
  • Sisters
  • New life in the form of babies
  • Feeling needed
  • Craft projects
  • Innocence of children
  • Sleep (when I get it)
  • Having a washer and dryer in my house (Erin has to go to the laundromat and I've also had to do that in times past)
  • Having a dishwasher
  • Wood floors that I love
  • A husband who likes me (quirks and all)
  • A sewing machine
  • Good food
  • The yawn of a new baby
  • Knowing that Lucy still likes me even after giving her a cold shower yesterday because she threw her potatoes all over the floor at dinnertime
  • The calm of quiet

What are you thankful for today?


Just Listed

Rainy Day

It's been great having Erin here. She brings a whole new meaning to the word fun.

It rained yesterday so we spent some time in the "clubhouse."

These princess snow boots were the product of $2 and a trip to Unique Thrift for yet another great half price Monday.

Family is what it's all about, isn't it?