Christmas 2006

Finn got a motorcycle from Grandma Schuller and alot of cool trucks and toys and pajamas. I just ate too much Enstrom's almond toffee, and Travis was sick with the stomach flu (and no, I didn't get him anything, but now am kind of feeling bad about it). We had a great Christmas and were glad to spend it with family.


Do your funny face...

Lest I be shunned by Whitney for not posting in a long time, I will write a few words. Finn has been doing some funny faces lately and getting lots of attention because of it. There's one that he does that we weren't able to catch on camera, but it's pretty silly. And, by the way, he has been wearing alot of turtlenecks lately. I know how dorky they look, but it's cold and they keep him warm.

On another note, I don't have much else to say except Travis got into Case and NYU. We hope to hear back from more schools, but just getting in is a major achievement. Way to go, T. Schuller.

The baby inside me keeps growing and kicking and stretching the skin over my stomach. She is in the 50th percentile, according to Friday's ultrasound. Her 3-D facial shot looked just like Finn. Should I name her Finnhermina? Or maybe Tinkerbell.... How about Lil' Hotshot? Or maybe Nashauntae?