Signs of Life

Upon dumping the pens out, Lucy immediately raised the glass and bottoms up!
My view washing dishes last night. How tranquil.
My belly at six weeks.

I feel like I'm showing already, or maybe just eating too much.
Finn's belly at 31 months.


Clean-up, Clean-up, Everybody Clean-up!

My house was getting out of control. Namely, the salt pellets from outside were collecting at both entryways, the dried pools of what was once snow were everywhere, and there were little footprints of who-knows-what all around.

I turned on the vacuum and Finn grabbed his truck of choice (today: minivan) and went to work , circling me and the vacuum, the wheels turning in his head.

Miss Lucy sat in the toyroom, pulling books off the shelf, randomly flipping through a few pages in one, then tossing it aside to grab another book out of the pile.

If you're looking for a good booster seat that is portable and somewhat cute, you might consider the Kaboost.

{This is on the counter because I mopped the floor.}

We got one on Walmart.com and I like it. It is portable, brown (so it blends in with the floor), and I don't have to worry about it falling off or shifting when Finn sits on it.

I put alot of thought into my booster seat decision. It's the little stuff that counts, eh?


I'm Published!

So, okay, it was self-published, but at least I have a hard-copy of this blog now. I went with blurb.com to publish it. Funny, Design Mom wrote about blurb yesterday. For the record, I was impressed with their service and ease of making the book. I recommend them.

In place of the white wooden rocker from a previous post, and using our tax refund, we ordered this chair. I sat in one this week and it's comfortable, wide and high enough to support my head when I drift off to the land of nod. Plus, it was 40%!

Little Monet has been creating little masterpieces on post-it notes lately.

He gets very into his work, as you can see.

Have a great Wednesday!


New Level
Thank-you, Marilyn, for the wonderful work-out and post-work-out music! I love them. They are just what I needed to amp up my work-outs and energize my hum-drum state.
{If you haven't visited the Passionista's passionate site, you must visit it today. It's worth the click, to be sure.}

Baby names! Baby names? Baby names.

What names suit the future sibling to Finn and Lucy?

Here's some that I like:

For a BOY: Miles, middle name Fox, Henry, Holland

For a GIRL: Grace, Meg, Margot, Sabrina

Note: This list is subject to change at any change in my hormone level, mood, or disapproval from Mr. Schuller. It might even change the moment I click "publish post."


Carbolicious and Cleaning Out

These were on my counter this weekend...

...as were these. If you had these staring you in the face, wouldn't you eat like three for breakfast too? Good. We're on the same page.

This guy sold on Craig's List this weekend and I was so happy! I had placed the ad about a week ago and no one had called until Saturday. I got a little more than I thought I would too. Some extra spending money...

And, although I'm a nesting-type all the time, I have amped it up a bit lately. This morning, we tackle the huge pile of baby blankets in my linen closet. How many baby blankets does one need anyway? 158? I think I'll have to edit my collection a bit.

(Delma, we're not getting rid of the orange blanket Finn is holding. He just likes it!) :)

What collections or piles are you editing lately?


Taming the Wild
1. Cut, arrange, attach.
2. Hang.
3. Admire.


Springing Spring
Sometimes when the snow has fallen for the umpteenth time and you need a little assurance that Spring is near, you have to let "artificial Mother Nature" in. She came in the form of synthetic cherry blossoms and a glue gun (and some branches from my backyard.) Don't look too close or you'll see the hot glue strings.
My next project for Spring-ing up the place is a twig wreath for our front door. I'm starting with $3.27 in materials (those JoAnn's coupons are wonderful). I'll let you know how it turns out.


I was out at my favorite store and came home with these. For cereal and midnight snacks and ice-cream: things that are fun to eat. While I was out, I stopped and looked at this number above. Because...
...now that Finn and Lucy are going to have a brother or sister, their mama needs something to rock him/her in.
Yes, I'm due October 22nd and we couldn't be happier.
(Ask me if I feel the same way in a week or so when I am losing my lunch all day!)


Valentine's Dinner Belated
One thing I appreciate about Travis is his love of good food. When we went to New York, he picked the restaurants of two iron chefs (Batali and Flay). This year, he found another excellent restaurant and won my love again. (Should one have to win his love?) Apparently, the owner of Lola competed and won the Next Iron Chef competition. The food was excellent (although I liked my pork chops alot better than the short ribs). We got sweet breads for an appetizer. I started eating them, thinking, man, these don't taste at all like bread, but they're good. Upon asking the waiter what sweet breads were, he pointed to his throat while saying, "It's veal...the thyroid gland." I couldn't eat anymore after that, but before I knew what they were, sweet breads were delicious. It was great to reconnect with my husband and spend quality time talking with him (even though he did study to and from the restaurant: he has two tests this week). Romance rekindled. Feast devoured. House cleaned and children asleep upon arriving home (thanks to these guys!).

It was about time I got to talk and spend time with Mr. S!


Sisters, Sisters (and a Brother)
When I was about twelve, Andrew and Lauren used to sleep in my twin-sized bed with me every night (not kidding). They were my little friends. Everyone used to say that Lauren and I looked alot alike. Someone shot the above right picture while we were sleeping in my twin bed. Can you tell who is who? The bottom right one is when I was about thirteen or twelve. I called Lauren my little Nini and I still do. She and Andrew are still cute!


Paper Love
For some reason I've been drawn to paper goods lately. Above are a few of the neat things I've found lately here. I am still undecided what I'm getting. Wouldn't the pink baking cups be cool for a little girl baby shower? (Good thing I've got one of those coming up for this gal). Or, the brown ones with pink frosted cupcakes? And, the glassine envelopes for party favors or even Happy Spring treat bags. Endless options when it comes to raw paper goods. I have been looking at foil wrappers too to wrap Easter chocolates in. I'm thinking pink, blue and silver foil.
What is getting you excited lately?


Tonight, Tonight
Lucy is standing while eating chocolate chips and drooling chocolate.
She's also trying to catch her Mommy.
Finn (post-nap) is very seriously eating strawberries and rice. He konked out after church still wearing his little church outfit. The poor guy had to be escorted out of nursury for a messy diaper. The antibiotic he's on for his infected thumb makes him have diahrrea all day.
And this is our backyard pool. The warmer weather melted our snow and is now slush city back there. Now all we need is a diving board and this will be the neighborhood hangout place.


Knowing When To Give In
Lest you read my previous post and think I'm busily sewing away on that double wedding ring quilt, know this: I am not up to the task. I started sewing some pieces together and realized I just didn't have the skills.
So, we went straight to the best: The Amish. Travis and I headed out to Amish country and came back with a homemade apple pie, some inexpensive bulk goods (cinnamon, cake flour, high gluten flour for Challah and chocolate covered pretzels). Man, leave it to the Amish. I spoke with a woman who is going to piece together the quilt for me and maybe even finish the whole thing. She said it would be done sometime this Fall. She's got alot of orders. Oh, the relief of letting someone else do what they do best and let me do what I do best (not hand quilting small pieces of fabric together). I told Travis I want to become Amish. So tranquil: the white houses against snow-covered fields, hanging laundry on clotheslines, no complicated electric lines running to homes, the horse-drawn buggies. I felt like I had gone back 100 years in time. I left feeling renewed somehow. I am glad I can return in a week to pick up Travis' custom-made belts at Eli's Leather and Saddle Shop. They were a bargain and I loved our experience today!

Putting the Pieces Together
I have my work "cut out" for me. These cute little See's chocolate boxes are full of little quilt pieces that some little old lady cut out of scraps of material. My mom gave me this box of old quilt squares and I told her I would finish it.....sometime. Well, since I'm holed up here with nothing else to do, I figured I'd start this today. I've been putting it off for long enough. Isn't it cute though? You're invited to come snuggle under the finished blanket anytime you want.
And, Finn wanted me to take his picture this morning. He was busy attaching foam eggs and bunnies to his paper. Notice his eyes are open!


Spring Is Springing!
{I know it's only February! I've got to have something bright to cheer me up!}
I've been wanting to make an arrangment out of cherry blossoms, but couldn't find any artificial blooms that looked real. So, yesterday, I saw some cherry blossom branches in a flower shop that were just what I was looking for! The owner had taken real shrub branches and glued just the fake blossoms onto them. It looked real and I loved it. So, these are the branches I got at JoAnn's last night to try and duplicate what I saw yesterday.
And, I was going to plant some wheat grass and make a centerpiece for my dining room table, but I am apparently too lazy! When I saw this cake plate at TJ Maxx yesterday, I thought, easy and elegant. Add whatever fruit you have on hand and it is now a centerpiece!
Finn pulled apart this succulent in the flower shop and I had to buy it. I like it okay and I think I'll like it even better after I replant it in the pretty brown pot it's in.
I couldn't resist this blue fruit bowl at TJ Maxx yesterday either. I couldn't decide which one and brought the two pedestal-things home, thinking I would pick one for the table and take the other one back. I think I'm going to have to keep both of them. Don't you think?
And, Brittany, bless her heart, brought us these yesterday. What Valentine's Day isn't complete without some pink frosted sugar cookies (with sprinkles, no less!)?
Have a great Friday! I want to see what you're working on!


We Belong Together

I love you Travis!
You've got it all: smarts, work ethic, barbecuing skills, and gentleness.
You balance out the wired, moody, crazy side of me and I love that about you.
Happy Valentines Day to all of you too!
I hope your day is memorable!


Occupations Two: Painter and Baker

Finn's making a delicious dry bean, salt and dry lentil soup. Is it trickery to make him believe he's actually making something edible?

It's That Time Again
Does anyone have any good experience with TurboTax or TaxCut? We are looking to do our own taxes, or do something other than H+R Block.
Any suggestions?


Same Positions, Different Day
We're still here, sickies, grouped in front of the heat vent. (I did manage to make a pot of macaroni and cheese for lunch). Hope your Tuesday is fun and more productive than mine!
P.S. Sneak peak at project ideas coming soon!


Pictures of a Weekend
Meenie and Mighty having some post-nap fun.
"This book is good enough to eat!" --Finn Bob
After-church dinner.
One of the many feedings Lucy took from Grandma's hand.
Someone is enjoying himself!
Hope you have a great Monday!
(I'll be nursing myself slowly back to health- this cold doesn't want to go away- and enjoying the new snow.)