Before the Walk
Let me paint the picture for you: 18 degrees outside, light snow flurries with a slight wind, overcast and grey. I set out on a walk to redeem Finn and myself from cabin fever. We both have the flu/cold/sore throat. And, I wanted to at least stall the steady weight gain I have been maintaining at a steady pace. Finn does fine until we get to the park (halfway point). The rest of the way, he is screaming, crying like I was torturing him, turning, twisting, trying to get out or reposition himself (I don't know). It was not relaxing at all. He's done 20 degree walks before, I'm not sure what all the fuss was this time. Not a great start to the day for my "Mommy Morale."


Your baby's a redneck if...
He drives off and leaves pieces of his car behind him.


Babe in Toyland
Look what I found in the toybox tonight!


"On Broadway..."
Travis and I had a good time in the Big Apple. I was glad to sleep in my own comfortable bed and take a shower in a private bathroom, however. We stayed in a hostel on the Upper West Side that was, let's say, pretty amazing they could charge what they did. At least the pictures online didn't match up at all with what we found ourselves in. We walked around at least 95% of the island and I had a blister and chafed legs to prove it. During Travis' interview, I went to the Museum of Modern Art. Some would argue that modern art is simply art for art's sake. I usually tend to disagree, but some of the pieces were questionable in that regard. For example, one of the installations was a stark white room with a light flashing on and off every five seconds. One room had a large grey mat in the center of it. I thought, "That doesn't look like a piece worthy of being in a museum, but I guess anything goes." Then, I saw the security guard step right onto it and I was shocked. He was walking on art! Then, I realized I was taking this a little too seriously because it must have been just a mat to walk on. So, who draws the line between art and kitsch? I have yet to meet him, but I'm sure he's really cool. Or, maybe I'm supposed to define the line on my own...



Happy Halloween! Finn made a cute little pumpkin yesterday. No tricks, but a few treats and he even got to stay up way past his bedtime! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweens. Travis likes to call people who dress up, "Halloweeners," but I don't like that word.