Board and Batten-ing the Dining Room

I have seen alot of board and batten in the blogosphere, and while I usually try to stay away from faddish trends, I thought this treatment was a good solution for my dining room.  First, it unifies a rather large and odd-shaped space.  Second, it anchors the windows that are relatively high off the ground.  And, third, it gives some coziness and depth to an otherwise boring room.  I like how it turned out.  I'd love to know what you think.
The materials were inexpensive (lattice and 1x4's) and despite all the caulking and painting I did, it was pretty straight-forward.  I did 95% of it myself, enlisting Travis' help for the outside corners and wood paneling behind the cabinets.  I ended up taking off the battens behind the cabinets and putting up the hickory paneling on my Mom's suggestion.  I like it better; it looks more built-in this way.  I think overall it gives the room a fresher look and makes it more cozy.  This is the way I like to have a good time...pretty crazy I know.