Backtrack to Sunday...

...when it was Travis' birthday! Happy Belated Birthday! To the hardest working guy I know and the only one who can tell me to chill out.

We met in Fall 2003 at a CES Fireside. I had just gotten back from living in Boston and I had sworn off single's wards. I asked Michelle Spurgeon about the guy who sat by us at the fireside and she said he played the guitar. Bingo! My ticket: so I told him my sister Emily and I were getting together to play guitar and sing afterwards (We are? Emily said right in front of him).

Anyways, it turns out we ended up dating for several months and got married April 24th, 2004 in the Columbia River Temple. I couldn't have picked a better match for me.

Time and time again, he his patience and humility have inspired me. He doesn't fuss over the small stuff, though he pays attention to details when he needs to (like when he's restringing his guitar, for example). He can fix anything. He knows when I need my space or when I need to just get out of the house.

To my favorite running buddy: Happy Belated Birthday!

(Orange font? His favorite color, of course!)

Cookies Are Gross

Finn threw up tonight for no apparent reason.

I am a little concerned as he tends to loose his cookies about once or twice a week. Usually, as in the case of yesterday, he takes too big a bite and that triggers the gag reflex. Yesterday, as I was packing, he stuffed one too many Reece's peanut butter cups into his mouth, and- poof!- up came the upchuck.

I'm not sure what the second puking of yesterday was all about.

All I know is it concerns me and I'm sick of smelling the sick smell of sickiness.

And, furthermore, I'm sick of washing laundry.

Now that I'm done complaining, I will just say that packing is among the top of my To-Do List and will remain there until this place is neatly boxed up and ready to ship out (i.e. next Thursday morning).

Goodnight. Cookies and milk. Cookie monster.
No upchucking the cookies though.


Get Me To the Church On Time
Although I don't have shots of the actual reception, I can show you what was hanging from the trees as guests walked down the sidewalk at the Swanberg's house. The real flowers were on the tables.
This filled the planter. Sisters Shoemake and Andelin, among others, were working the whole day, doing everything from ironing tablecloths to grilling taco meat. Spectacular! I am grateful the day went so well and I'm happy for Lauren and Sergio!


Oh, They Say When You Marry in June...
This is me, after the pins have come out of my hair. I was trying to sport a new 'do for Lauren's wedding and it turns out I looked like Amelia Earhart (probably after her capture by the Japanese).
This is Finn getting his hair cut. He actually likes the clippers and buzzing on his head.

It takes two to make a good haircut. Little Finn Bob was being patient. Now that pincurls are out of the question for me, what kind of hair should I wear? Right now my "social" 'do is a mix between Barbara Walters and most new anchors across America.


Hey there, Tiger!

The two ruffians are watching TV together in this shot. I tell you, I feel like I've been cooped up in "The Coop" all week long. It's not necessarily bad. I have been packing and it's been rewarding watching calculatedly decorated wall arrangements disassemble into compact taped boxes in a matter of seconds. My stuff is reduced to what I can safely take across the country in a Penske truck. DVD's and videocassettes: check. Glass containers and rarely-used dinnerware: packed. Winter coats and children's gloves and hats: yup, got it. My living room is now a big heap of boxes and bags waiting to be thrown into the back of a 26 foot moving truck.

Another bonus of moving is trying to use up your food storage. You know, those bags of peas that you stocked up on, thinking you would make soups in the winter. And, frozen chicken has now become the signature ingredient of the week. Tonight I made chicken fettucine. Last night was something with chicken (I can't remember what). Anyways, I enjoy using stuff up and this is a good time to do it.

Lest this post become user unfriendly (not enough subtitles and pictures), I will end. Travis and I have been running together in the morning and that has been a highlight of my day. We've been married three years and I think have only run together once until now. It's great.

Happy blogging and clogging (if you like that sort of thing)!