Homemade Wall Art

I'd seen some neat circle art around the blogosphere and wanted to create something for my living room in similiar fashion.  I got a $5 canvas dropcloth from Lowe's, painted it dark grey, then lighter grey, and then took a vase dipped in white paint and made circles on the canvas.  When it was dry, I mounted it on a large frame that I'd made out of wood scraps in the garage.  Easy, peasy.

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What a Difference a [Frame] Makes


I've known for a long time that I wanted to frame the large print I had made of my Dad's cousins.  I just didn't want to spend alot and large frames are pricey.  So, I took the thrifty route and found some crown molding at ReStore in Boise, then attached it to some trim I had with a brad gun.  I stained it dark brown, sprayed clear lacquer on it and put it up with the brad gun.  I like how it completes the picture (and that the peeling edges, thanks to my kids, are now permanently out of harms way).  I want to find or make a table to go underneath the picture, to anchor it.  Something narrow and long.

The total cost for the frame was $18, the cost of the crown molding, which is alot less than the cost of a new large custom frame.  And, trust me, brad guns aren't that scary to use!
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How My Garage Went From Chaos to Order

Monday morning I decided to tackle cleaning out the garage. It needed a thorough going-over and an organizational overhaul. Ooooh, my favorite kind! :) So, every morning this week, while Henry napped and the kids occupied themselves with self-serve snacks, Netflix and general play, I went through everything in the garage and found a place for each little last screw and bolt. It took me every morning all week, but I finally finished it Friday. The wood shop is now organized too, with the whole 30+ drawers underneath the workbench labeled and organized (all our tools used to be in bins scattered all around the shop and now they're put away in the built-in drawers that were already here when we bought the house). I vacuumed out each drawer and shelf, swept multiple times, rearranged bikes and tools, moved wood, emptied a couple dozen bins of tools, cleaned out lots of old metal pipes from the rafters (which a scrap-metal collector came and picked up), and sold a metal shelf that didn't suit my needs. It was good for my sanity too, as we're at the halfway point of Summer and I'm already feeling the need to get my kids back in school.
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A Little Post on How My Space Became

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