Candy Houses

What have we been up to, you ask? Among other things, decorating candy houses. I love seeing what these little minds create: gardens, flowers, trusses out of pretzels, on and on and on, out of some royal icing, marshmallows and M&M's. (I had made the houses the night before and then the kids decorated them the next day. It was nice because the houses were already set-up and we didn't have the whole slanted-house-falling-apart-shenanigan).

And, in other news, Travis finished Part II of his boards today. I feel like I can breath again. It was pretty touch and go there these last few weeks for me, single-parenting. I couldn't operate on a long-term daily basis without his help! But, he's back and we've lived to tell the story of how we almost celebrated Christmas 2010 with a Dad whose nose was stuck in a book. I think a hallelujah chorus is in order. And some wassail. Or fudge. Or both.


Teachers Lunch
Instead of giving a bag of pretzel rods this time of year, like I usually do, I decided to give Finn and Lucy's teachers a special box lunch.
Inside each clam shell box was: chicken salad croissant sandwich, fresh fruit, vegetable bundle, spinach dip and turtle brownie.

And, to down it all? Sparkling lemonade.

This gift was so fun to put together (it's all about the packaging!) I felt like a kid in a candy store picking out the containers at Dean's Supply yesterday. I used some vintage wrapping paper, satin ribbon and a tag to spruce them up and finish them off. Even the postman got one.


Decking the Halls
It was our last gig as Activities Co-chairs for our ward this past weekend: the Christmas Dinner.
White paper on the tables for coloring, white lights galore, simple and easy as it should be.

It was a bittersweet night for me. Sweet for the friends and acquaintances enjoying a traditional turkey meal together, and bitter because this girl's "party planner" hat will be on the rack for a while. Or maybe not. Lucy's birthday is coming up in January....



If only all parts of my day could create such joy for me as bathing this little guy. I had to take the opportunity the noontime sun and snow-covered backyard gave me to photograph this one. He is content most of the time and buttery skin covers his ever-growing fat rolls. He coos (doesn't talk back). He loves being kissed (doesn't resist affection). Faces provide a world of interest for him. And I thought my "babymoon" was over.


Bed Buddies

Every night we put Miles to bed in his crib and Finn to bed on the adjacent double bed.
And these are the scenes we come upon when we go to check on them before we go to bed.

I'm glad to see Elmo has made his way into the mix.

Adventing It + Blessed Baby

Day 1
Day 2
Day 4

Henry on his blessing day. He is still as sweet as can be and my late-night drinker. As I always do when they're this little, I want him to stay this small for alot longer. I think he has other plans though.