Nursing (Literally) Him Back to Health

We've got two sickies in the house today, Finn and Henry, and it's been a full day of administering medicine, wiping noses, calming cries, feeling foreheads, keeping the healthy kids off the sick ones, and keeping Netflix on steady. Lucy was out of school too, for a professional day, though she felt fine. As draining as it was, now that my brood is off sawing logs in dreamland, today was not that bad. It was sort of fulfilling, being needed and being able to help. I mean, I may not be the most mild-mannered person as we're rushing out the door in the morning, but I can wipe noses and give hugs. Oh, and change diapers. Today was sort of like the imaginary day a young girl plays out in her head, pretending to be a mommy, taking care of her children. And that's what it was. I kind of like this job I have.


In the Sky With Diamonds

The lone sister in a pack of brothers, she can hold her own. She can scratch, yell and boss with the best of them, skills she has developed, I'm sure, to fend for herself in the mayhem. But underneath the independent, sassy display is a tender, other-aware girl. She shares her best treats willingly and makes sure Henry has his pillows, blankets and toys (because you know how much a 4-month-old needs those things). I love this girl.

Happy 4th Birthday, Lucy!


Eat With Me
Lunch Thursday
White chicken chili with sauteed zucchini, clementine orange
Lunch Saturday
Seitan medallions with bbq sauce, sauteed red pepper, sweet potatoes
Lunch Today
Sauteed tempeh and zucchini with soy sauce, Aunt Suzy's corn bread (recipe coming soon)

Sunday Dinner
Oven-roasted chicken and vegetables, cornbread


I've been trying to add as many vegetables into my diet as I can lately, as those (and protein) seem to be the hardest for me to get enough of. I can down carbs like no other, but with the vegetables I have to make a conscious effort. I try to get one green one a day, which ends up being either zucchini or spinach. Luckily, they are both good sauteed with a few hefty dashes of Johnny's Seasoning Salt.

I've also been inspired by reading what Trainer Momma has to say about fitness, nutrition and balancing it all.

What about you? Do you have any tricks to getting your vegetables in? I would love to hear them!


My Hiatus: An Explanation

I've been M.I.A. for a while now and I have a few explanations. One, I had a baby four months ago. Two, we've been in where-are-we-going-to-live-after-school mode. Three, I've kind of become okay with the idea that just because something important and meaningful to me happens, it doesn't mean I need to blog about it to "count it." And, finally, after a week-long trek in the West, Travis landed a job in none other than John Day, Oregon!

We are very excited about this new prospect called employment, and the small-town living this will entail. (John Day had a population of 1,200 in the year 2000, just to give you some idea of how small it really is). I'm a little out of sorts, making all the adjustments one does after a week away (including laundry, paying bills, budgeting, etc.), but also because I'm thinking of housing for this family of six in a town where the economy is slowing down at best. I'm sure we'll find something suitable, but all of the unknowns kind of switch my brain into hyper-think-ahead mode.

It feels good to know that this decade plus of schooling, between the both of us, is finally going to pay off. Travis will work for an Oregon-based company on salary with a three-year contract. There is actually alot more in John Day than I envisioned, including a McDonald's with a playland, a grocery store and even a health food store! (Maybe I won't miss Whole Foods so much). At any rate, I'm sure there will be alot of adjustments and good/bad things about our new digs. I'm just excited we've made it this far and have lived to tell about it! Here's to a new year, a new job, a fresh start and (let's hope) a decent new place to call the chicken coop!


My Baby is the Next Leonard Bernstein

He's also discovered his hands.

He must have sucked on his first for a good half hour this afternoon.


Impromptu New Year's Eve Eve Party

Someone's snitching fudge from the smorgasbord!
The Aftermath

I always get a little sad Christmas afternoon when the presents have all been opened and the excitement has died down. This was our little living room Christmas afternoon, stockings on the ground, ornaments almost completely removed from the tree (by Lucy), and the sunlight shining through the windows.

And, whoa, look at this hair! Every morning is a new concoction from a good night's rest (sprinkled with a few feedings, of course).
Christmas 2010

  • Buzz Lightyear and Miles are inseparable
  • Breakfast casserole (think bacon, sausage, bread, eggs and half and half=divine!)
  • Smiling happy Henry
  • Legos for Finn, Belle for Lucy
  • A nap for the Missus
  • T. Schuller hamburgers on ciabatta for dinner (I know, I know, so traditional)
  • A surprisingly mellow crowd while we watched "The Nativity" on Christmas Eve


The Beckoning Sled Hill

And what sledding excursion isn't complete without a round of hot chocolates topped in huge swirls of whipped cream?