No I'm Not!
Throughout the night, as I made my several trips to go potty (one of the joys of pregnancy), I noticed the outdoor temperature display on my ceiling rapidly decreasing. By 6:45 this morning, it was down to 26.2 degrees. I knew I wanted to go on a walk, but I also knew that Finn was not gonna like wearing twelve layers of bulky clothing and looking like the Michelin man. Nevertheless, I endured the 20 minutes of layering and by the time the hat and second pair of gloves went on, this guy was about to experience frozen tears. He did fine on the walk, except for the last 10 minutes. And, when I peeled him out of his gloves, his hands were nice and toasty. Now, if I could just remember to put on even one pair of gloves for me!


#1: Smile for the camera.
2. The fire is HOT! "Hot, hot," echoes back the bright student.
3. Relax. At the end of a long day, just put your feet up and get some shut-eye.


"Tr---, tr---, tr---," Translates Truck and Tractor

Now that I've been scared off from blogging because I don't want evil people getting a hold of my personal information, I have been very leery of posting (you'll notice I am now tarantula411). But, since it is Monday and I'm sitting here at the computer with not much going on, I figured I'd write something. I am listening to Erin's St. Germain CD and I feel like I'm shopping in some upscale store. Other than that, I'm feeling kind of dumb because I haven't been very nice to Travis and Finn is just playing by himself (not alot of outside time today). So, I feel kind of selfish I guess. I don't know why. I bought a book for myself online and justified it saying it is an early Christmas present. I know life is not in the stuff we acquire, but sometimes it just feels nice to buy something you really want. I did go to Goodwill this morning and bought Finn his winter wardrobe for $12.50. This little guy is wearing a Halloween sweatshirt and black pants that his Grandma Fox bought him at Goodwill a while back. He's ready for trick-or-treating. I am too, only because I want to eat the candy. I'm just in funky mood where nothing satisfies and I am not being very nice to anyone. On top of that, I want to make something really good for dinner but I don't know what to make. I need to count my blessings I guess.

We went to yet another pumpkin patch this weekend and Finn loved the tractor leading the hayride. What fun.


Finn Bob's Got a New Video

Thanks to Uncle Ben, Finn Bob has a new video I think you'll all enjoy.


Pumpkin Patches and New Shelf

I had to take Finn to two pumpkin patches this weekend because I wasn't satisfied with the first one. The other picture of the shelf was one that Travis built for me. I wanted something to protect the back of the couch from little kids.


"Shut up! I'll Tell You When We're Ready!"
I forgot to mention one of the funnier parts of watching the paintball war. One of the guys looked just like Mikey from Orange County Choppers (except in full-body camofluoge). Maybe self-designated, he was the "referee" for the round that Travis and I watched together. He was standing in the middle after the two teams separated to plan their strategies. He kept calling out to one team, "Attackers ready?" And their reply was, "No! We'll tell you when we're ready!" Then, about 2 seconds later, "Mikey" called out again, "Attackers ready?" Of course, "No, we're not ready yet. We'll tell you when we are." Then, waiting, oh, 3 seconds longer, "Mikey" called out again, "Attackers ready?" To this, the team captain replied (obviously annoyed), "Shut-up! We'll tell you when we're ready." I definitely don't see a future in paintball refereeing for this guy.
"Attackers Ready!"
Finn thought he had died and gone to paintball heaven this morning when 17 teenage boys showed up on the paintball course. Andrew and his high school friends played an intense game all morning long and we couldn't help but watch from the sidelines. After it was all over, Andrew gave Finn a ride on his four-wheeler and that, I'm sure, made Finn's day. Riding in front of Andrew, Finn was making the whirring noise of the four-wheeler.
Then, after playing outside for a good portion of the day (including during Scouts), Finn got a bath at 4:30 PM and I was glad we didn't have to go "ahh-side" anymore today. The little guy's clothes were smeared with paintballs, wood chips and dirt, making a strip-down necessary before we came in the house. I don't know what it is, but today marks the third day Finn has refused to take a nap during the day. It has about driven me to the nuthouse. I feel off-kelter, with no nap myself, and no break time from the little crumbpacker. I can only imagine what adventures tomorrow holds for this no-napping dude and his tired mom.

P.S. On a good note, Travis just found out that he got an interview at NYU and UW. So, we're going to New York together in early November. I'm excited. I haven't been to the Big Apple in a few years and it'll be nice to see NY in the Fall. I am anxious to introduce Travis to Cafe Lalo, a favorite dessert spot of mine (where they also filmed the cafe scene in "You've Got Mail.")


Shzzzz (translates "shoes")
The last blog said that Finn hated his new shoes. Well, for the record, he has been a toe-tapping little walker who has changed his tune. He is constantly begging, "ahh-side" meaning outside, shoes in hand. Then, if he thinks I'm not getting the point, he holds the shoes higher, saying, "Shzzzz." He likes the tapping sound I guess. He's an adventurer like his grandpas.

Other Schuller news: my Christmas in October spending spree has ended. I am taking back a couple of things that I bought unnecessarily. I came to my senses. See, emotional husband-out-of-town buying phases eventually do end. I think they end when the husband comes home and comments on the stuff you have bought. In the end, you know he's right and that you really didn't need the stuff like you thought while you were in the store, wrestling a one-year-old to stay in his seat. But, when his turn to buy something comes up, he definitely needs that updated Battlefield II game. Such is life (that has become my new mantra).


Blog This, Blog That
I can't post any pictures because Travis has the camera in Richmond, Virginia. He called this afternoon and said the interview went well and the labs were very high-tech. Phew. I could sense a little relief in his voice and demeanor over the phone. He comes home tomorrow night at midnight- yea!

If I could post a picture, I would post the new shelf Travis made and I primed and painted today. Finn had a good time playing with sticks and dirt outside while I painted by the shop door and kept an eye on him, half painting, half parenting. I took him to the shoe store to buy him some real, rubber-soled shoes (not the leather slippers he's been wearing). While fine to wear in the store, the shoes were NOT WANTED by the time we got into the car. He was screaming and crying and eventually tried biting the shoes off his feet. Too much constriction on his feet I guess. I relented and took them off. But, I'll be darned if I'm gonna buy shoes that he's not gonna wear.

Favorite food of the day: Brucchi's child's meal of turkey sandwich, fries with fry sauce, chocolate chip cookie and milk. Only $3.50 too! (I love how I can order from the kid's menu when really Finn only eats about 1/10th of what we get).

I'm exhausted. At least I made it through my grocery shopping without Finn throwing the carton of eggs on the floor. He sat calmly in the cart during checkout and then proceeded to lay his body on all the sacks of precious groceries. Pick your battles.


Sitting on the Nest
One of Finn's favorite books now is about eggs. One of the pages describes how chickens will sit on their nests until the eggs they have laid hatch. As I've mentioned before, I am nesting. Everyday is a new project. This week I have been to four thrift stores (some of them twice) and I have worked on such tedious projects as putting up a toilet paper storage basket in my bathroom, building a shelf for my sofa, and changing out the light bulbs in my chandelier. (For the record, you cannot use fluorescent bulbs because the ballast on the bottom of the bulb prevents the light from casting downward). Anyways, other things I found at thrift stores this week that I have been needing: an immersion blender ($2), costumes for Finn (lion and pumpkin; I couldn't decide), lamps for my living room ($3.50 and $1.50), and some really cool wire storage baskets (50 cents to $1). Now I just need a bassinet (or a Moses basket) or something to put Hermina in when she comes and I think I'm set. For today anyways...


A Little Evening Entertainment

Finn has a little song and dance that he'd like you to watch: