New Bike

The story of this bike merits telling: the tires are from two different bikes (one from the thrift store and the other from a bike from the dump).  The training wheels also came from the thrift store.  Travis took the two bikes and made them into one funky little bike for this 3- almost 4-year old.  The smiles lasted only about 5 minutes as he quickly crashed and refused to ride it again.  Little "Tommy TV" will have another ride again, though, I'm sure.


What a Difference Some Paint Makes

...it feels good completing just one of the many little jobs on my house to-do list.

Happy Weekend!


Cabinet + Slipcover

After looking and looking for a suitable cabinet to put in the corner of my living room, I decided to make my own.  It's not professional by any means and looks homemade, but at least it houses my childrens books and holds the lamp.  I had scrap wood in the garage and found a wooden table on the street for free (for the top).  My mom gave me a box of wooden feet and so I used those for the feet.  I am really into gray these days, so that seemed like a nice, neutral color for the cabinet. 

The slipcover was purely aesthetic.  I was tired of the brown microfiber and it was too much brown in the living room for me.  It, again, doesn't look professional, but it does the job for now.



Picture Looking


If the book has cars, he's highly interested.