Canyon Creek, a small offshoot of the mighty John Day River, butts into our backyard. Most days, it is forbidden to play in it (because usually it's fast-flowing), but today we undid the chicken wire fence partly to let ourselves down. Finn and Lucy were going to build a dam. We spent an hour placing rocks, making sure we had a wide foundation layer to support the top of the dam (Finn taught me that one). I don't know that it'll remain intact overnight, but it looked pretty cool when it was finished.


Oregon Coast, Simplified

We just got back from a short but sweet visit to a family reunion at Rockaway Beach, OR. On the one day I remembered to grab the camera to take pictures, my battery died. So, here's the beginning of a walk to the beach to capture the little 'uns frolicking in the surf and turf. At least I tried, right?


I am a four-pillow sleeper, as this photo attests. A couple months ago I added a fourth pillow to cover my head and it's amazing how soundly I sleep with less noise.

And here's a fuzzy photo of Batman napping at Paradise Point in McCall. He literally wouldn't take that thing off even for a nap!
More Reunion Shots

Front Porch Bedtime Stories
While we were in Boise last week, I grabbed my camera to capture this sweet moment.

I loved seeing my Mom read to Lucy. It was like I was a fly on the wall, watching the nightly ritual of reading bedtime stories.

I also loved the pretty planter box, which framed the setting perfectly.
Paradise Point, McCall 2011
Finn, just doing a little work on the pottery wheel

Miles and his inseparable second skin (a Batman costume from the fathoms of the rec. room closet). He literally wore this for two days straight, through diaper changes, naps and night-long sleeps. I finally threw it away, sucker-juice-streaked-stickiness and all, when he wasn't looking. He had broken the neck tie and the sleeves when he was trying to get it off.

This little snarfblatt (did I just call him that?) played either in the sand or a tube or this playpen. He was his usual plump, content self, especially content in the arms of his mama.

Finn and the Payette Lake scenery. It was beautiful. Already missing that paradisaical place.


My Country 'Tis of Thee

I found this old 50-star flag at Ki-Yo-Te Antiques a couple weeks ago.

I loved the aged fabric and the tea-stained look of the white stripes and stars.

It's in Finn and Miles' room because blue and red are Finn's favorite colors.

(And, fingers crossed, it will go up in their room in our new house. Yes, that's right: we made an offer and it was accepted on a house here! I am really looking forward to having a house of our own after renting for 7 1/2 years. I'm sure there will be projects to show on it.)