Blankie in the Bathtub
Because Finn is inseparable from his blue blankie, he wanted to take it with him in the bathtub last night. I was not allowing it, but Travis (the softie dad that he is) relented and let him take it in with him. Finn thought he was in seventh heaven.


Ghost in the Bed
The other night I went in to check on Finn and I found him face down, with only his head wrapped snugly in his white blanket. From underneath the cocoon he had created for his head, I could hear deep, rhythmic breathing. It was like those ghost lollipops people make at Halloween with the white fabric wrapped around the top of the lollipop. I was laughing so hard that I woke him up and then he was really confused and mad (second picture above).

This is the apple pie I made yesterday, thanks to Grandma Leslie's recipe. I didn't make it half as good as she does though. Travis was a little disappointed when he cut into it and a pool of sauce came gushing out of the apples. Oh well. I'm still learning. (The apples came from the Andelin's orchard).


Gaming with the Big Boys
Finn thought he was pretty cool last night when he sat side by side with one of the savviest gamers this side of the Mississippi. A song comes to mind: "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it..."


Sprucing Up
Since every picture I've posted of myself on the blog has me looking like a saggy old housewife, I decided I'd show a different side.


Tantrums 'R Us

And, I'm not referring to the guy in the pictures above. I have been on an emotional, pregnancy-hormone-related rollercoaster. Poor Travis. Last night he got home from school and I about had a meltdown (no, I HAD a meltdown) because I wanted the computers situated a certain way. This would've required an entire reconfiguration of the computers Travis had just set-up, not to mention alot of rigging to get it to actually work. So, to make a long story short, after alot of tears, huffing and "quiet time" by myself, I felt better. I think I just needed a good cry. Anyways, so instead of putting my nesting instinct to good use in the computer area, I fixed up the dining room. I now have two tables for my crafting projects along the walls in the dining room. So in case you come over for dinner and have the urge to craft, all you will have to do is turn your chair around and it will all be right there for you. I'll even let you sew your own napkins.


Think Pink!
It looks like Finn is going to have a little sister to play with. My suspicions were correct this time. I thought since the baby wasn't kicking as much as Finn did that I would have a girl. And I was right! Little Hermina is cute in a skeletal sort of way. I love her already.


Hot Light is On!

Finn in a year: I found this picture in a book I borrowed from the library. It also caught my eye because I've always hated the look of those plastic kids toys like play kitchens and outdoor toys. I liked the solution of actually building a real kitchen for the kids out of shelves.

No, I am not trying to impersonate a white Don King here. Finn was getting a kick out of touching the donut dough.

At the rolling out stage: yes, my hair has calmed down a little. I was not wearing pomade like I do when I have washed and styled my hair. Incidentally, last night, Travis touched my hair (this was after I'd showered and done my hair, pomade in) and said, "Did you take a shower today?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "What's in your hair?" I said, "Pomade. I always put pomade in when I style it." I could tell he thought I was strange for putting a greasy product in my hair. That's the only downside of pomade: if you leave it in at night it leaves a slight residue on your pillow, which leads to lots of pillowcase washing.

Come get your hot, fresh donuts. They come in all kinds of flavors. We got chocolate, vanilla, maple, any kind of flavor.
I was actually really surprised that Travis let me apply this mask on his face. We could do this look for Halloween 2006.

On to other things. Lately I've been cooking alot. Aside from yesterday's donut-making extravaganza, I made dinner today: roast pork with herb rub, mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread, cheese ball and crackers, and brocolli.

Finn has learned how to write with a pen. On chairs, on walls, on paper, on himself. The other night he had given himself a Madonna-like beauty mark right above his lip with a ballpoint pen. He has even done some special artwork on our office chair and matching drawings on the office walls. He is also continuing his journey of learning how to walk. He smiles when he stands up by himself and waves both hands at himself. He's babbling and talking and it's really sweet to hear him playing and talking to himself when no one's around.

I hope you all enjoy the coming of Fall and at least buy yourself a bag of Fall candy. I chose "Autumn Mix" by Brachs. Whatever will get you excited about cold mornings, pumpkin carving and the changing of the leaves.


Who wants bacon for breakfast?

This is the "diamond in the rough" I found yesterday at the thrift store. For five dollars, you can't beat the charm and Breakfast at Tiffany's feel of this lamp. I replaced the shade and cleaned the glass and now it's sparkling on my end table.

Finn and I went on a long walk this morning before breakfast. I stopped and talked to Jennifer Brayton, who was also walking and who's son Tyler I went to school with. (Erin and Whitney, yes this is the one I called, "My Tyler"). Tyler now plays professional football for the LA Raiders (he's a BIG guy). Anyways, she said she had to quit running when she was about my age because Tyler was so heavy he did a number on her back. He weighed 30 pounds at 9 months! Hearing that makes me glad Finn is a "lightweight," a mere 20 or so pounds at 13 months.


Lunchtime Snapshots

I'm sitting here at the computer checking my e-mail while Finn is over in the corner playing quietly. This usually means he's doing his business. (A diaper change later) I was right.

This table represents unfinished projects on my To-Do List. I've got some ideas for paintings I want to do, a class for my Design on a Dime group on organization, Scout activities and design projects I'm working on. By the time I put Finn in bed, I'm usually too tired to do very much creative thinking, but I'm hoping to get some of these projects done soon. We shall see...


Caligula: "Little Boots"
I found these little "mocassins" at a yard sale yestereday. Finn has worn them ever since. He's also had the stomach flu, which means lots of throw up and diahrrea. After about the fifth time getting thrown up on yesterday, I said, "This is it. He's definitely got something." So, we got some Pedialyte and the little guy hasn't puked since. He's still a little under the weather, though. Travis stayed home with him while I went to church. They were watching Animal Planet when I got home, so I think they had a good time together.


Walking on Sunshine
Last night after bathtime, we dressed Finn in this bunting that Grandma Fox had bought him ages ago at a thrift store. I remember thinking when she gave it to me there would never be day when he could wear that. But, alas, the little guy isn't so little anymore. The feet in the bunting are still twice as big as his feet. I was laughing so hard, seeing him walk like a mummy wearing flippers. Sweet dreams, little Finn!