Sleepless, Stinky Night

This little guy was up almost every hour last night, eating, fussing, pooping, burping and not letting his mama rest very easily. And, he smelled like spit-up. He was still his soft and kissable self, but not as scrumptious as when he's newly-bathed.

This was after this morning's sink bath (I couldn't help but think of my Mom as I bathed him in my kitchen sink).

And this was after he had been dressed, diapered, and swaddled. He's so content.

And this is him yawning before he zonked out and caught up on all the sleep he'd missed the night before. If only I could do the same!



Plenty of Arms

Around here, there are plenty of willing arms to hold the new baby Henry.

Some of them are more trustworthy than others. (I won't mention names).

I'm still getting used to my new short haircut. (When Travis walked in yesterday, he goes, "Hello Mr. Schuller). hahaha

I love the little knitted booties made by Aunt Natasha, gifted by Grandma Racecar.


The Daily Glimpse

He changes everyday.

His cheeks are not as chubby as they were yesterday. He is a little more alert when he's not asleep.
Though kissing his soft forehead is still intoxicating.
The sweet vintage quilt a gift from Aunt Whitney. Isn't it so cute?


Bringing Home Baby

Oh, the mountains of laundry that pile up when I'm away for a couple days.

Miles has reverted back to using "bah-bah" (baby) utensils, refusing to use any cutlery not coated in rubber.

And this little guy sleeps through it all while the world turns circles around him.

P.S. I have to hide him from the kids because they love him a little too much sometimes. It's pretty easy to do since he's so small. Like today, it took Lucy a good 20 minutes to notice he was sleeping on a blanket in the armchair. Sneaky I am, I know.


Regarding Henry

Introducing the newest member of our family:
Henry John Schuller
Born 13 September 2010
7 pounds, 4 ounces
19 3/4 inches long
Born 10 days before due date
Mother and baby doing fine
Stay tuned for more pictures


38 Weeks (and Counting)
Frankly, everyday I think it's a miracle we've made it this far. The Summer, the heat, the little munchkins and their endless stores of energy, the initial worry about the health of Baby #4, and now the final weeks with the babe feeling heavy and all-consuming my body: it's been a wild ride. But, not without our share of ups too. I'm thankful for so many things. Let me list them:
++ Fall
++ warm soup and homemade bread
++ Miles' buttery thighs
++ Lucy's raspy voice
++ Finn's eternal quest to BUILD
++ Travis' quiet strength
++ Scented candles
++ Clean white sheets
++ Crisp weather
++ SmartFood white cheddar popcorn
++ A clean house
++ The anticipation of a brand new baby


Fall is Here

Miss L. in her new church shoes holding her new Barbie that lights up.

Miles in his new-to-him-size-and-a-half-too-big church shoes.
It's Thursday morning, Rosh Hashannah, so the kids have the day off of school. It's in the 50's, damp and cool, and the garbage trucks are beeping and roaring familiarly. The kids have been outside playing since before 8 AM. I had to dig into the winter clothes bins in the basement to find sweaters and sweatshirts. I got ambitious and for the first time in a "long time" (remarked Finn), made cream of wheat (where I actually cooked something for breakfast). Served with apple salad from last night's snack, it was the perfect Fall morning breakfast.
Today's To-Do List:
+ put winter clothes in kid's drawers
+ clean windows
+ get out baby clothes
+ wash kitchen down (you know those drips and splatters that somehow never get cleaned up in the moment?)
+ spot clean bird rug
+ dinner: broccoli soup, whole wheat bread, BLT's
I've started lighting candles on my stove everyday and I love it. It's this new fascination for me, one who doesn't buy scented plug-ins or candles very much. It's so Fall, warm, clean-smelling, maybe sending speedy baby delivery vibes my way. Who knows?


Miss Lucy Starts Preschool

Can you tell how excited she is?

Those baby blues sparkle almost as much as her shoes.

For a girl who dresses herself, the shoes were a must, for they seem to hide a multitude of fashion faux pas.


New Neighbors

When my kids wake up, they're asking about the new neighbors who moved in a couple weeks ago. They reference "them" multiple times throughout a day. Though there are some squabbles with this group of a 5- ,4- ,3- ,2- and 1-year-old, there is mostly lots of playing and squealing. I don't want the backyard "play room" to go away when winter comes.


This Morning

The three in their self-made beds watching "Martha Speaks" on PBS Kids.

I slept alot better last night than I have been recently. Only one charlie horse to wake up to instead of 4, no one woke me to tell me she wet her bed, no one toddled into my room and climbed into bed with me. I feel refreshed.
The real story of Finn's first day of kindergarden went something like this: the school was a zoo of parents and kids and teachers, my stroller was too big to fit inside the school, so in trying find a place for it where it wouldn't get stolen I lost Finn and Lucy for a good ten minutes, the whole parent orientation time Miles was fidgety and getting into everything, and it was humid, humid, humid and HOT! I had to excuse myself before the parent meeting was over and hopefully I didn't miss anything important.
On a different note, I'm so glad it's finally September. That means Fall is on the horizon. That means I will have this baby in 19 days (if all goes as planned). I plan on being induced like I have the other three in time for my Mom to come and visit. I've been having alot of contractions lately, so maybe this guy will come early (hopefully!) In the meantime, I want to stay cool, work on some sewing projects, and keep my house as clean as possible (that last one is a long stretch most days).