Progress and Rainshowers
Here's Miss Lucy Toots at the scene of the renovation.
Here's Finn enjoying his first real Mid-Western thunder shower. Wanted out bad.
One down, nine to go.
Here's T. Handyman grouting the tile.
"I'm handy with love and I'm no fool..."


Slowly But Surely

1 industrial strength sander+ 2 rental days = 8 rooms' floors sanded bare
Underneath the dog-smelly carpet was sticky vinyl tiles. Using a small heat gun and scraper, we pulled each tile up individually. Underneath those tiles, the big reveal: wood floors! Then, some adhesive remover and razor scraping and it was time to sand.
Finn got his kicks by helping me pull nails out of the kitchen floor. I said, "Good job!" each time we got one. Sometimes he jumped the gun and yelled, "Good job!" before we even got the nail out. That is tar paper over wood.
T. Schuller here putting cement on the bathroom floor, in preparation to lay tile. I had already picked out white hexagonal tiles for the new floor, when Travis discovered the original floors were the same hexagonal tile! I must be in tune with this house! We still put new hex tiles in because the old ones weren't in good shape.
The old cabinets were gross, so we decided to do a budget kitchen makeover. Budget = Ikea, so here is the assembly in action.
I will post more pictures. When all of this is done, I will post before and after pictures. It's so fun but so exhausting at the same time!


Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

The Fredin Family (including Pa-Pa Duh and his fabulous wife) watched the fireworks blitz at the Town Hall Center by the bandstand in New Lenox, IL. It was classic: pops band playing all the patriotic songs in Rogers and Hammerstein fashion. I rocked Lucy in my arms as the fireworks lit up the sky above us and Finn sat with Grog (Grandma) Fredin. Since our trek out East, Finn has taken to Justin and his dad very well, just like he does most men and boys. He tackled some 5 and 6 year olds tonight that were three times his size. He gets it from his uncle Andrew.

If you're wondering what I've been up to, go HERE.

And P.S.: Whit and I had the most enjoyable 3-hour tour of Ikea today. I fell in love. It was an apron-front sink. Sorry Mr. Tarantula.