I finally found a picture of our home before we bought it.
I love looking at before and after pictures.  In these photos, it's almost like playing the "what's different" game because the differences are so subtle.  For those that don't like playing games (or find the differences a little too subtle!), I'll just give a recap of what we changed about the exterior of the house:

  • put on shutters on front windows
  • removed planting area and blocks near mailbox
  • planted plants around entire foundation, added mulch and black edging
  • planted grass along sides and back of house
  • put in railroad ties along driveway
  • took out partial brick walkway on opposite side of house, put in full gravel walkway
  • took down satellite dish and other attachment on front of house
  • removed peeling paint all along foundation
  • patched all along foundation, painted over that
  • put in basement egress window
I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but at least you get the idea.  We spent hours and hours getting those above-mentioned items done and it seems so basic to just list them because each one took so much time to complete.

Here's to a new year full of projects, hopefully none involving gravel, railroad ties and/or dirt!

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Deb said...

Now you can punch in one more window on the right side of the house for balance. Easy as 1-2-3 for handy man Travis (don't tell him I suggested it;)