30 cent Cabinet

I got around to putting several coats of Danish oil and some knobs on the faux cabinet I made last weekend.

I figured it cost me 30 cents to make it (the knobs were 10 cents each) because I already had everything else and the wood was free.

Not bad for a non-functioning cabinet for the front room!  :)

 And, yes, I know Travis looks like he's about to fight somebody, but he's really not mad, I promise.  This was right before he and Lucy went out for dinner Saturday night.  She was thrilled, as you can see, so much so that she pulled her socks up over her leggings as high as they could go.  Love those two!

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Erin said...

Great job on the cabinet and awesome documentation of Daddy/Daughter outing! That is so sweet. Lucy's a lucky girl to have a great Dad to take her out for fun. Reminds me of our Dad. :)