Holed Up for the Holidays

What I wouldn't give for some of the chocolate scotcheroos from this plate now!  (This is one of the 25 or so plates we gave out this year).

Henry in his favorite accessory- Batman underwear over his pants (he still wears diapers, so they're a pretty tight fit).

Our garage with a slippery sheath of snow.

Sick Henry, constantly needing his Mama lately, who is also sick.

Lucy and Henry (behind the bear) perched on the table, aka the dance stage.

Trying to cure my cabin fever, I cut some branches from a tree behind our house yesterday and put them in a vase on the entry table.  I like the brown tones together.

I also made this cabinet this morning, in another attempt at curing cabin fever.

I cut down paneling and trim I got for free at the ReStore in Redmond a while ago.  It isn't functional (the doors don't open), but it's to hide some electrical outlets and anchor the picture on the wall.

I just can't decide if I should leave it natural, stain it, or maybe just put a clear coat on it.  Any thoughts?
And here are the youngest three playing trains on the first day of 2013.

Happy New Year!

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Deb said...

I would oil the wood with a natural tung or other wood oil,several coats. And I would add a knob to each panel; that would enhance the functional look of the piece. Nice job!