Here and Now

Yesterday this is what my counter looked like around 3 in the afternoon.  Miles woke me up from my nap early and with not alot else going on, we made sugar cookies.  He chose the colors for the frosting, and added the drops to the white frosting: green, blue, orange and red.

I thought about how my Dad used to let his Buffalo Chip cookies cool on brown grocery bags, only I think he cut his to make one bag stretch farther.
And here's my little Henry who turned 2 this week.  He doesn't take a binky anymore, just found this one and has been popping it in his mouth, quite contentedly, whenever he finds it around the house.

Ahhh, the day is almost done, six forty-four P.M.  I've been having Groundhog Days lately, where I feel like each day is the same, nothing exciting happening.  I decided tonight that that is okay and I just need to roll with it.  I think it goes, "Life is what happens while you're making plans."  As a planner, I have to intentionally pull back on my forward-looking visions and force myself to live in the moment.  The moments are usually things like crackers smashed all over the kitchen floor, endless child requests to jump on the trampoline together, squirmy and irreverent prayer-times, and people needing help.  It is just part of my life as it should be.  I just need to really enjoy those good moments where children are getting along, the house is clean, dinner is made, the dishes are done, and I am doing something I enjoy (which usually means I'm alone!)


Shawny said...

I always cool my cookies on paper bags. Soaks up all the excess grease! Now I'm wanting cookies!

Lovely Lindsay said...

yes, to groundhog days.
i feel like nothing else besides maintaining this family of mine has been happening. only to wake up and do the same things and clean up the same messes.
but's that's ok. right?!
love, lindsay