Winter Update

We had our first snow that stuck last week.  Henry insisted on going out in it with the older siblings and lasted about 4 minutes before he tromped back into the house in a huff.  (Truth be told, I knew he wouldn't stay out long, but I wanted to see him all bundled up).

Yes, we did the unthinkable and let our kids open presents 10 days early.  Our reasoning: we weren't going to be here on Christmas Day and we didn't want to take the presents with us, plus it was the last weekend we had before leaving.

When I put an apron on, Lucy put hers on, which led Henry to want one on too.  Domino effect.

Finn's Christmas Lego helicopter.

Lucy carefully building her Lego campervan.
And here's Miles with his Star Wars ship.  He hasn't taken off those pajamas since he got them, save to bathe.

Merry Christmas season from our crazy house to yours!


Deb said...

thanks for posting the photos. so glad you could come to Boise! I hope you are getting the rest you need to get over your cold. Love you, Mom

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